Night tea @ Maison Bertaux

About the picnic, I couldn’t make it in the end.
I woke up with a bad sore throat – a change in the weather always brings me a bunged up nose and a sore throat. Therefore, I wrapped a cotton scarf by Epice around my neck and stayed home.
Oh, bu**er…

After our ramen dinner the other night, Fei and I decided to have tea & cake at Maison Bertaux on Greek Street.
The weather then was still balmy, so Old Compton Street was overflowing with office-workers and tourists who couldn’t fit in pubs and bars.
Everyone was chatting and laughing with a glass in hand, having a great time. The people clung and buzzed like swarming bees around their apiary.
A happy sight of a typically London summer…

We dodged and shimmied through the raucous crowd and reached to Maison Bertaux in one piece.
It was obvious that Soho punters were more interested in booze than tea & cake, therefore, we settled in one of the empty tables straight away. What cake should I have?…


There weren’t that many cakes on offer.
Though, their shelves were laden with creamy, chocolaty & fruity offerings during the day.

It was more than 20 years ago when I sat here and tasted their cake for the first time.


The things hasn’t changed even the slightest in my view.
Don’t you find it remarkable in this modern world?
I sincerely hope that they will stay with us forever. I fear for it if they are bullied to pack up by a greedy landlord or a developer and the place is replaced by yet another chain restaurant or bar. We have more than enough uninteresting chain outlets in Central London already. If any harm comes to this gem of Soho, I will collect petitions and chain
myself to their showcase!

As usual, I had a fruit eclair with English breakfast tea.
Fei had a lemon cake and darjeeling…


We poured each other’s tea and chatted tirelessly.

It seemed only fitting that I should walk home in order to burn the excess calories I consumed…


It was a windless night.
The air still retained the warmth from daytime yet felt cleaner.
The streets were calmer and quieter. The pandemonium of a daily London chaos is swept away without a trace.

I looked into a window of the photography gallery at Clerkenwell  Green…


Wished if Hubbie were there with me then.
I would have loved to know what he thought about those portraits…

3 thoughts on “Night tea @ Maison Bertaux

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  2. 変わらないものって素敵ですよね、そのままで合って欲しいって思います。
    しかし、Furit eclarは、美味しそうだわ。お茶と合いそうですね。

    • 日本程ではないのですが、ロンドンも私が来た当初と比べて随分変わりました。チェーンのお店が激増して個性的な個人経営のお店がドンドン姿を消して寂しいものです。お店のご主人はふざけてですけど「もう畳んじゃおうかな」とか仰るので尚更不安になってしまうのですよ。フルーツエクレアとか何だかとっても昔懐かしい昔ながらのケーキが多いのです、このお店。変にひねっていない普通に美味しいお菓子が癒されますね。ブラジルではフランスや日本であるようなケーキとかお菓子はあるのでしょうか?こちらでブラジル系のお店で食べたチョコレートケーキは今迄食べた事のない食感でビックリした思い出があります。

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