Tonkotsu @ Dean Street

I was caught out in a downpour and my boots including socks were soaking wet…
While others took shelters, I kept on walking because I had a brolly….
The rain drops got bigger and bigger and started pelting on me harder and harder. As the result, I was damp all over apart from my head.


While trying hard to ignore the clamminess in my boots, I kept on shuffling towards Soho.
Because I had an important mission to fulfil. – Fei & I were to sample ramen noodle at Tonkotsu on Dean Street! And I was very much looking forward to it…


We were comfortably seated at the table by the bar.
The time was around 6:30pm and the place was already filling up with diners…


So far so good. We liked their decor.
The tables could do with some hooks so bags could be stored without having to place them on the floor.

Again, we ordered Torinokaraage – fried chicken and Gyoza – pork dumpling as starters…


The dumplings were nicer than Shoryu’s. The skin was crispy without being overdone. And the pork filling was nicely seasoned. The fried chicken was juicy and plentiful.

For our plat de résistance, we ordered Soho Ramen – salt based pork and chicken stock with medium thick noodles topped with smoked haddock, pak choi, half an egg, memma and spring onion…


I liked the fish a lot!
Never had the ramen like this ever but it was very agreeable. What a good idea.
I liked the broth too. It was the lightest amongst all the three noodle bars we tried recently. The texture  was delicate yet certainly not lacking a flavour.
I suppose it all depends on personal preference – some prefers  rich and heavy broth, and some like me, prefers it lighter and simpler. Therefore, I give my vote to Tonkotsu’s broth as my No.1 favourite.
Another brownie point they won from me was their noodle. I loved it!
It was the best I ever tasted in London. Prior to our visit, I learnt that they made their own ramen noodle freshly to their liking. So my expectation to it was sky-high. And they did not disappoint me.

This was how they cooked my tasty ramen…


About the service, it was friendly and efficient. They earned my top mark.

A glossy Old Compton Street after the downpour…


Visiting Maisom Bertaux after ramen became our new routine…


We ordered a  large pot of Darjeeling and a Mont Blanc to share…


The charm of this salon du thé is hard to describe in one word.
Their timelessness is one thing. But their sincerity and honesty also flow through the well-used furnishing and decor. The history is etched on everywhere without being overbearing…


The point is they aren’t even trying to be fashionable or chic.
A little shabby, perhaps. However, they offer such a comfort which is becoming ever so difficult to get in this busy modern city.

Has anyone tried their Marzipan Figs? The green one in the back…


Or their chocolate truffle which is as big as a small child’s fist?
Mmmm… I must try them next time.

We walked towards Piccadilly Circus.
The rain was clearing and we could see a blue sky behind the grey fluff.
I love the view of Regent Street from this angle..,


I just adore the handsomeness of this city.
Thank you, John Nash. You were genius.
Oh and to you sir, George IV for bankrolling him, of course…

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