New Comers, A/W 2013

I had a surgery last Wednesday.
Being significantly swollen and on antibiotic, I am trying hard to take mind off from the pain and a post-op anxiety.


Prior to the surgery, I took new additions to my A/W 2013 collection to DiGuardo on Kensington Park Road.

Letizia trying on a Meringue jumper.
She looks so sweet in it, don’t you agree?


How does it look on me?


Hmmmm. I still want to tweak the design a bit. But it’s almost there.
And I definitely want one for myself this autumn.

Then, she tried on a Greta gilet with a contrasting edge…


Colours are new additions to my existing palette.
The subtle changes in tones accentuates and brings out the stitches even more.
And I love it…


The hue I used for the edge was indigo blue.
Letizia & I enthused that the gilet would go fabulously with denim or dress…

Finally, she put on a Bramley jacket…


The fit was perfect for her!
I felt relieved because it came together nicely. Because there were more than a few moments I was worried about the direction of this particular style.

The collar, being wrapped around her throat…


The tips can be secured with a beautiful hat pin. Or a kilt pin, even
a kilt pin will do.

Letizia’s loyal customer, Maya, trying on a Greta in bubble-gum pink…


Doesn’t she look cool?
She reminded me Brigitte Bardot. Nonchalant yet very sexy…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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