Chloé vs LV

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how my wallet was pickpoketted at Piccadilly Circus.
Gone with the wallet were some cash, credit cards, bank cards, store cards, my UCL Alumni card and a driver’s licence which, thankfully, all except the cash were replaceable.
The easiest items to replace were credit cards. The only action needed was calling up the bank and explained to them what happened.
My UK driver’s licence was not so straight forward, however.
I will have to trek to DVLA’s Wimbledon office instead of applying online. Since I am not a UK passport holder, my ID photo doesn’t exist in the UK database. Therefore, I am required to visit them physically. Oh, what a bore…

Anyway, I never wanted to repeat these chores ever ever again.
So I was extra careful when coming to choose a new wallet.
I was browsing ShopStyle and found the wallet which would be perfect, function-wise and aesthetic-wise.

Yippee, a parcel just delivered by UPS!


Ohhhh… Calm down!
Even though I knew what was in it, still my heart was definitely beating faster…


Chloé’s Marcie square wallet…


For a while, I toyed with the idea of buying a rectangular style.
In the end, I decided against it. The size, 100 x 190 mm, sounded too cumbersome for me since I would have to carry Mr.B with it as well – I mean the wallet being ferried around in a carrier with Mr.B in it.

This is how pockets and slots for cards arranged…


The leather is nicely textured and supple. I love the colour too.
And more than enough amount of storage for my monetary paraphernalia is supplied.

Do you remember about the wallet chain I mentioned in the previous entry?


Well, here it is.
I’ve bought three chains and attached each of them to the bags I use most frequently…

And this gold ring, a part of the design, is a godsend for the  purpose…


Next time, any pickpocket will be sure to have a nasty surprise when they impudently grope inside my bag!


My choice of wallet was always Louis Vuitton.
Therefore, I did ponder if I should buy another one from them since all of my small leather accessories such as, a name card holder, a coin purse, a cheque book, a key holder… etc were by LV.
Then, I thought that I never had good luck with their wallets.
The last one stolen was the third. I had been replacing them because they kept on being stolen. Maybe bad karma with that particular brand, I reasoned.

Mmmm… I just love the look of the wallet…


My heart flutters every time I see it. (^-^)

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