Magic Touch

One early afternoon, I receive an e-mail from Church’s informing me that the brogues I left with them the other day was ready for collection. How did they sort out the grain of my Burwood which was smeared with too much shoe polish, I was curious.

When I walked into their Old Bond Street shop,a dapper looking chap was on the phone. He motioned to me, miming that he would come off from the phone shortly.

This place is my heaven, I thought. My eyes performed a 360 degree scan quickly. These oxfords, Chelsea boots and plain-toes were faithful copies of their men’s shoes. They were irrefutably sexy. Like Le Smoking by Yves Saint Laurent.
– Church’s does make less masculine kinds – ballet pumps with wing-chip toe caps. However, I don’t find them very flattering. Dare say, a bit matronly?

Eventually, the shop assistant came off the phone and asked me how he could help.
So I explained to him that I was there to pick up my shoes and he disappeared to the downstairs with my receipt.

Look what they’ve done to my brogues! Beautiful!!


The toes were polished to perfection. Oh, I was ecstatic.
He advised me to use beeswax to achieve a high gloss finish and placed the individual shoe into a fabric shoe case.
I was truly thankful for their TLC.


This shop is the most comfortable place to shop for shoes.
Once I get used to their way of doing things, I can never go back to department stores to buy shoes…

On my way home, I bought the shoe polish I was recommended.
Pate de Luxe Saphir Medaille d’Or…


Can’t wait to achieve a mirror finish without elbow waxing…

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