Day-glo gateaux @ Chinatown

One early evening, I was fleeting through a forever busy Chinatown, dodging, sidestepping and shimmying between the crowd who were in my way like traffic cones on M25.

A usual spectacle attracts tourists and locals alike…


The steaming window is adorned with ducks and various parts of meat.
And behind it, a chef is busy wielding menacing looking knife.

While those stereotypical Chinese eateries appear as a permanent fixture, Chinatown as a whole has changed significantly in the past decades.


The site which is now occupied by  Odeon Leicester Square, there used to be a large Chinese restaurant.
The floor was dimly lit and clustered with circular tables in various sizes.
For some unknown reason, there was a stage in the back of the restaurant. Sometimes, a colourful  decoration from the previous private hire was left on the stage, giving out a rather exotic atmosphere.
The restaurant disappeared as Westminster Council redeveloped around Leicester Square, being nibbled away by the wave of gentrification.

In recent years, Chinatown has evolved in… a colourful way!
Behold those day-glo hued cakes…



Don’t you think it looks like a Barbie doll’s cake shop in a life-size?

The colours are too fantastic to be edible. Are they for real?


I think they are real. They are definitely not made of wax.
Hmmm… They look mesmerizing…

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