Urge for Change

This weekend, Hubbie was in Turin, Italy, art directing a photo shoot.
So Mr. B and I were alone in London.
After Hubbie had left on Friday, a sudden urge grabbed me – I wanted a change!
The urge was so strong and urgent. Next moment, I was on the phone, asking my hairstylist how soon I could have an appointment.

Came Saturday morning and I was off to the hair salon off Bond Street.
Being installed in the seat by the window with a cape on, I explained to her that I wanted my hair short with highlight & low light.
We leafed through a style catalogue and chose the one with a longish fringe & choppy layers.
For highlighting, she reckoned it would take more than a few hours at least. My hair had been coloured with darker dye for a couple of years. Removing the colour deposit from the hair was a major job. So I popped out to get a bagel from Starbucks nearby in order to avoid embarrassing myself with a rumbling tummy while staying put in my seat.

After 4 hours in a hairdresser’s. chair, my makeover was complete…


What do you think?
I like it a lot. The photo is too dark to show the subtle tone changes in my hair. It wasn’t lightened drastically in one go as it could damage the hair beyond repair.
The stylist assured me that resting for a month would be an enough respite for the hair. So it could be lightened a little more if I wanted.
Hmmm… A tad more contrast won’t do any harm, I guess.

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