Watermelon Soda

I was reading a two weeks old the Guardian Saturday food supplement in a bath – the bath with two large mugs of Epsom salt – what a bliss!
A long soak soothes my hardworking hands after hours of knitting. Oh my poor hands, how they were caned!

I was testing a new pattern and very keen to see the result.
However, after labouring for a few hours, it turned out not so successful. I was crestfallen and my hands were rather achy by then. Contemplated if I should pack up for a day then decided against it. Let’s not end a day’s effort in a sour note, I thought.
Whereupon I undid the part which wasn’t right and started all over again…

While floating in the bath, I came across an article by Henry Dimbleby…


Watermelon soda! Sounds so pretty!!
I just walked past a Turkish grocery shop the other day and saw enormous watermelons on a display.
How many people will be fed with that? I marvelled.
If it was juiced, it would serve a troop of guests, wouldn’t it?
However, sieving a whole gigantic watermelon sounds like a proper muscle-aching task though…

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