Marzipan Fig @ Maison Bertaux

I finally managed to taste that curious green garlic bulb lookalike by the cashier at Maison Bertaux
How did I find it?…
It was GREAT!
I should have tried it sooner.

The appearance was rather deceptive.


Not at all self-explanatory like the rest of their offerings.
A green “bulb”, dusted with powder sugar and nestled in a cupcake case.

There was a slight pang of disappointment when I found no actual fig inside.


However, the chocolate truffle filling was exquisite.
The right ratio of bitterness vs sweetness made this rich cake moreish. Despite its generous serving size, I did not feel queasy after polishing it off.
It was a hidden gem I was overlooking for a long time.
And their marzipan, what a pucker! The almond paste was divine.
What best describes the magic of this cake… Oh yes, it reminded me the famed Mozartkugel!
Ahhhh, I haven’t eaten them for years. I must hunt it down. Does Fortnum & Mason sell them? Or may be Harrods?

It was time to go home.
I glanced up and found a cockerel up in the air.


Oh, I didn’t notice you. How long have you been up there?

Maison Bertaux, you are a beacon of light in this chaotic city.
I can’t love you enough…


Well, I should walk home so I won’t get pudgy…

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