Yin & Yang

On Monday night, Hubbie came back from Italy with a pile of laundry, looking shattered like the crumpled linen shirt he was wearing.
Next morning, he left his case open on the plan chest, everything, minus his laptop, for all the world to see.

One thing I can’t bear is too much clutter in my sight.
I think I inherited this trait from my late father. He was an architect and had his own atelier next to our house. I still remember how tidy the studio was. Even pencils were arranged in a neat row. He put away things not only beautifully but also precisely. I always marvelled at his ability to fish out the exact document he was after amongst numerous drawers.
By comparison, my mother has a knack for cluttering a whole house.
Without an exaggeration, she spends 50% of her lifetime looking for things she mislays. Like a little tornado sweeping and sprinkling things in its path, she just enters rooms and makes such a clutter which still makes me crazy when I visit her in Japan.
I think my parents were perfect yin & yang as a couple. Super tidy vs super clutter. They complimented each other. Oh well, maybe Hubbie & I are like that too.

Anyway, I was sorting out the mess and found a crumpled brown bag amongst them.
What did he bring back home?


Hmmm… What’s in here?
I took liberties and inspected it…


In it I found was a bag of colourful pasta, a packet of chive crackers and four amaretti biscuits!
How did they end up being in Hubbie’s luggage?
You see, he is not that sort of guy. No Nigel Slater or Jamie Oliver. It’s soooo not him.
When he got home, I asked him about the mystery.
It turned out that the Italian production company he hired for the shoot wanted to give me a goodie bag  because I had to be alone in London during the weekend. Oh how nice of them!
Hubbie & I finished the amaretti biscuits with cups of tea in no time.


For the chive cracker, I shall get some nice cheese.
About the pasta, what should I do? Tomato sauce or cream sauce?
Get some Parmesan anyway and think about it later…

By the way, this was how Mr.B behaved while Hubbie was away…


I wished if I could explain to him then that Hubbie wouldn’t show up no matter how hard he stared at the door…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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