Seed Loaf @ St.John

One late evening, Hubbie presented me a brown bag, ‘This is for you’.
He had a meeting with a retoucher at St.John Bread and Wine on Commercial Street that afternoon. And he decided to bring home some bread.

Oh yeah, I like St.John…


Which one did you buy?


The loaf was tightly wrapped in a waxed paper.
He said it was a seed loaf.


Hmmm… It smells gorgeous!
The aroma of the loaf was amazing. It smelled buttery and sweet. I was so looking forward to eating it with dinner.

While I was rubbing my hand with glee, Hubbie sliced it and piled the pieces on the plate.
At the table, I picked up the loaf and bit into it…
What? What? What?? This is not a bread. This is a CAKE!!
I turned to Hubbie and stared at him. He also realised the error and mumbled, ‘But they said it was a loaf’. Well, next time, please ask them if it really is bread…
Astonishingly, Hubbie seemed to be not that bothered about carrying on eating the loaf with dinner. However, I forbade him to put butter on it though. After all, it was a cake, not a bread. *SIGH*
I finished my dinner without bread but ate the loaf as dessert with a cup of tea.
And it was very agreeable, indeed…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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