Patara @ Greek Street

Prior to the August bank holiday weekend Fei & I had a Thai diner at Patara on Greek Street.
Can you believe that we won’t have any more public holiday left until Christmas? I am so sad…
While I waited for Fei in front of Costa on Old Compton Street, an alcoholic guy approached me and looked into my iPhone as I was typing away this blog entry. Eek! I turned my body away from him and he drifted away like a floating seaweed. What a weirdo.

Then once the police appeared on horseback, he vanished like a magic and was nowhere to be seen…


The air was warm and the sky was getting increasingly overcast.
Ever more pronounced breeze indicated the approaching rain from the continent.
What a shame that the weather during the Notting Hill Carnival would likely to be a mixed bag, shine & rain.

I walked to Soho from Old Street – a pre-emptive power walk before an imminent feast.
Relying on my feet instead of TFL is the most dependable as well as pleasant way of travelling in London.
Plus, walking give me a time to observe & reflect. My mind runs freely as my body concentrates on putting one foot in front of the other.

Patara had been my favourite Thai restaurant for a long time.
However, the branch I’d been frequenting was their Maddox Street one.
Therefore, we decided to try their Greek Street outlet this time…


A fragrant air greeted us as we entered the restaurant.
The identical smell as the Maddox Street’s. A quite distinctive yet delicate scent which puts anyone at ease instantly.
May be from those orchids displayed all around the restaurant?

After a brief wait at the bar, a waiter with a beaming smile ushered us to our table…


We studied the menu and was instantaneously drawn to the picture of rock lobster pad thai. Mmmm…
After some consultation with the waiter, we decided to order 3 dishes with a portion of rice to share between us.

Here comes Kiew Wan Gai Ban – free-range chicken green curry with green basil…


The curry was fairly spicy.
However, the roux was creamy without being too rich. A generous amount of bamboo shoot and chicken was in there. It was very tasty.

Yum Nua Makua Grob – grilled sirloin beef spicy salad with onion & wild rocket…


I must say the dressing they used for this salad was just exquisite.
The sharpness of lime was nicely rounded with sweetness. And the beef was succulent and flavoursome.
We both were raving our praise as we noshed it away.

And then, le plat de resistance, Lobster Pad Thai…


Ahhhh… Just looking at the picture, I want to go back there and order it again!
I love Pad Thai any day. But with lobster, OMG, it was amazing!
My mouth is watering like Pavlov’s dog as I write this sentence, recalling the taste…

The service we received at Patara was efficient and sincere.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience and I shall go back there in near future.

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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