Throwing in the towel (temporarily)…

How annoying that I can no longer ignore my left wrist ache!
Even though I use both hands for knitting, I am a right-hander.
Therefore, my left hand is less robust than my right and more prone to an injury…


Ohhhh, I would love to carry on!
However, I have to give it a rest until I feel no twinge of pain. So frustrating…

Anyway, my prayer was answered and the weather has improved!


A quiet cityscape shimmering in the late afternoon sun…

Even though it was a public holiday today, perpetually busy Hubbie had to attend yet another emergency meeting at work.
Is there any day in advertising when things go without a hitch or crisis?
In order to compensate for his partial absence from my side, he suggested that we could meet up at the office and go out for dinner.
The sunshine was too beautiful to miss by travelling on underground. So, I set off on foot.
Hmmm… London is such a lovely place to walk & explore.
I came across this groovy car on Mount Pleasant…




I am not a classic car enthusiast. However, I loved the look of this car.
It is a vintage Chevrolet, isn’t it?
A cool motor, indeed.

Then, I noticed a pigeon with a ‘tick mark’ sauntering ahead of me…


This is a definite tick (✓)!


The pigeon wasn’t particularly cooperative for the photo opportunity.
It didn’t like to be papped at all…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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