Veggie Japanese Curry @ home

One afternoon last week, I met up my friend Junko at Barbican.
During a chat over the tea, she mentioned that she came across a Japanese style
curry paste in Waitrose nearby.
So on our way home, we visited the supermarket and bought a box each.


I chopped up a handful of carrots and a medium size sweet potato.
Then, they were cooked in the steamer for 10 minutes or so. I like cooking vegetables, especially root vegetable, with a steamer. The steam enhances and intensifies the flavour, notably their natural sweetness, and helps to retain as much as nutrition possible.

While the veggies were steamed, I boiled 650ml of water, following the instruction written on the box.
Once the vegetables were done, I saved some carrots and potatoes for Mr.B.
He loves vegetable – he is more fond of peas than dog food, in fact!
The remaining vegetables were transferred to the pan with water.
As soon as the water was boiled, I turn off the hob and added the curry paste.


The roux dissolved fairly quickly and thickened as I stirred the pot.

For rice, I added a cup of Nerone rice against 2 cups of short grain brown rice.
The rice was put in the cast iron pan with 5 cups of water and soaked for 2 hours.
After soaking, the rice was brought to boil quickly then shimmered with low heat for one hour.
Once the rice was ready, the aroma was divine. Nutty and sweet. A happy home smell…




With some peas on the side, my lazy weekend dinner was ready.
Even Hubbie, who was not a fan of spicy food, enjoyed the curry.
The sweetness of carrot & sweet potato must have done a trick…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

2 thoughts on “Veggie Japanese Curry @ home

  1. I have never heard of Nerone rice but it looks so interesting that I had to look it up. They say it smells just like freshly baked bread when cooked, sounds really good!

    • I came across Nerone rice by accident. When it’s cooked, the aroma is amazing! I mix it with normal short grain rice – like 2 normal rice : 1 Nerone. Have a go & let me know what you think (^_^)

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