Pop Up Britain @ Piccadilly

I was on an upper deck of the number 19 bus, heading towards Royal Academy when the word “POP UP” literally popped into my eyes.
Yay, a pop up shop!!
I love pop up shops. But who wouldn’t?
You get to meet designers / producers, listen to their amazing stories and are able to buy their unique products without any customary shop markups.
So I ran down the stairs like a flash and jumped off the bus at Waterstones on Piccadilly…


On the east end of Piccadilly, an extensive redevelopment has been going on for nearly a decade.
The pop up shop by Pop Up Britain was located in one of the retail units which was yet to be filled.

The shop was comprised of soft furnishings, sunglasses, vintage chinas, clothing accessories and jewellery.

The stall by Astrid & Miyu was the the I was especially drawn to…


Their collection was dainty and girlie.
They were so pretty. I wanted them ALL!

Then, I noticed a guy with a huge camera dancing around one particular man in suit.
Intrigued, I craned forward to see who it was…


It was George Osborne the Chancellor!
He was chatting to the exhibitors.


Hmmm… He looked remarkably well. His skin was smooth and line free.
I wondered how he managed that. Being the Chancellor of the Exchequer wouldn’t sound like a particularly skin / anti-aging friendly occupation. I would love to know his beauty secret. He really really looked like just undergone a luxury facial!

Anyway, I came home with these babies…


Aren’t they pretty?
Can’t wait to wear them with a plain T or a silk blouse…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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