Sushi feast @ LIFE, Old Street

Hubbie called me up from the office, ‘Fancy a slap up meal tonight?’
A tasty olive branch to cement our reconciliation. Of course, I was up for it.
Hmmm… What do I fancy?… SUSHI! Sushi rolls, that what I want!!
He came home just before 7pm.
And we walk to our local Japanese eatery, LIFE in Cleekenwell…


It had been quite a while since I ate sushi last time.
Come to think of it, the last sushi dinner was at here with Hubbie. Then, I remembered the disturbing incident we witnessed that night…


Out of the blue, two Arab guys with an armful of Big Issue magazines marched into the restaurant and started to thrust a magazine into the diner’s faces, asking for a donation.
All of us, including the staff, were gobsmacked and literally frozen like a rabbit in the headlamp. Then, the staff made a move to coax them out of the premise, the Arabs suddenly slipped out of the door and vanished into the dark.
We looked at each other, trying to comprehend what it was all about.
Then, a fellow diner started to sob, ‘They took my phone!’
While one of the Arab distracted us with the magazine, his accomplice stole her phone which was left on the table.  We were astonished by their daring operation!
Since then, I stopped leaving a phone on display at restaurants even if I was at the table…

Recounting the incident, we sipped Oolong Hai – unsweetened Shochu cocktail with Chinese tea…


My appetizer was brought to the table…


Marinade of shredded red cabbage with blue berries.

We opted not to have any starter. Instead we dove into a sushi feast head-on!
The firs sushi t to arrive were Vegetable California Roll and Salmon & Avocado Roll…


I was shaking my head with delight. Oh! I was in seventh heaven…

Then, Spider Roll, Prawn Tempura Roll and  California Roll…


Followed by another Vegetable California Roll, Eel & Avocado Roll and Philadelphia & Salmon Roll…


By the end of the meal, we were utterly stuffed.
There was no room left, even for ice cream. So we left the restaurant, rubbing our tummies. I had to walk really slowly because I was almost bursting with sushi…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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