Sunday afternoon @ Portbello

Late summer days still carry on in London. Lots of sunshine and bare legs on display.
However, weather forecasters predict that the weather will turn towards the end of this week.
Therefore, we are making the best out of it while it lasts by going out more and having a good time.

On Sunday, I & Mr.B spent our afternoon, pottering around Portbello Road…


I hadn’t visited Notting Hill area on sunday for ages.
A sizable crowd, mainly tourists, were milling around from Notting Hill Gate station towards Portbello Road.
Though the number of the vintage stalls was not as great as Saturday’s, it was far from scarce and the street was lively.  Even Paul Smith Westbourne House was open…


The shop in Notting Hill was filled with a collection of interesting knick-knacks.
Vintage prints and toys from the 50’s & 60s were everywhere, evoking the nostalgia without being too sentimental.  Like Mr. Smith himself, the place was contemporary yet timeless.

I saw Mr.Smith once on Floral Street, Covent Garden.
He came out of his shop with a fine green & black gingham check suit.
With both hands laden with the paper shopping bags of his own brand, he hailed a black cab and went.
He was so elegant and unpretentious. No limo, no blackout window and no entourage of PA’s.
He just appeared normal and genuine.

While I was browsing their A/W 2013, I came across a beautiful silk blouse…


The shirt was made of a magnolia like floral print with a blue & purple background. It had fluorescent pink buttons on the collar and cuffs. I just loved the overall effect.

While a sales assistant disappeared to the stockroom looking for my size, Mr. B waited in the doggie carrier…


It turned out that the size I was after was temporarily out of stock.
The sales assistant took my detail and promised me that she would call me once the blouse was restocked.

The north end of Portbello was not so hectic…


Alfresco dining seemed to be the order of the day.

We dropped in Letizia’s boutique, DiGuardo.
Hey Mr. B on the chair, I can’t see where you are! His fur was a deed linger for the upholstery…


After she locked up a front door and packed up for the day, we walked to Tom’s Deli on Westbourne Grove…


We had a huge slice of Victoria Sponge with a large pot of Darjeeling…


The cake was one of the best Victoria Sponge I ever had. Fluffy and light without being dry.
I was  craving for a sugary treat. So I gobbled it down like a flash. If Letizia didn’t stop me, I would have eaten one more slice…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

4 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon @ Portbello

    • Thank you for the information. I love ‘man-tique’ too!
      Even though I am not fond of crowded places in general – I haven’t been to Portbello on Saturday for ages, fearing the place is saturated with tourists – the possiblity of finding something different is too good to ignore.
      If the weather won’t be too horrible (the forecast doesn’t sound too promising), I may visit the market.

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