DVLA @ Wimbledon

Phew! A mission accomplished!
I was at DVLA – Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, applying for a replacement driving licence.
Some of you may know that my old licence was stolen when I fell victim to the pickpocket at Piccadilly Circus last July.
A new photo card and a counterpart paper licence will be with me in a few week. Then, I can finally bring the curtains down to the unsavoury incident.

DVLA Wimbledon local office was located on Alexandra Road.
Just a stone’s throw from Wimbledon Station…


The last time I visited here was about 10 years ago. I was there to change the address on the licence.

The ground floor for the enquiry regarding a vehicle licence and the floor above for a driving licence.
I took a ticket from the dispenser at the door and sat on a row of the steel bench along the wall.


The ticket in my hand was No.600.
However, the queue was moving briskly and it seemed that I wouldn’t have to wait too long for my turn.

I did some homework regarding the application for a lost driving licence by visiting DVLA homepage.
Could I apply online? – No. Even though I am a UK resident, I don’t hold UK passport.
Then, I enquired my local post office if they could assist my application. The clerk wasn’t sure and advised me to check DVLA website!
So, I was there at DVLA in person, armed myself with my paper counterpart licence, a passport, a bank statement, a credit card statement, a copy of P45 from my last employment and a set of ID photos. I thought I brought EVERYTHING.

After 15 mins wait, my number was called…


The staff who dealt with my application was very pleasant and helpful.
In no time, he handed me a receipt, reassuring me that the new one would be on its way. It should arrive in 2 weeks.
By the way, none of the documents I brought, except the paper counterpart licence, was required to process my application. Oh well, better safe than sorry. I wouldn’t like to be sent home empty-handed because I didn’t bring a certain information with me.
About DVLA’s homepage, the staff agreed that it was rather confusing and unhelpful.
Sort yourself out, DVLA!

If I were with Mr.B, we would have liked to visit Wimbledon Common, searching for the Wombles.
Do you know them? I love them!


Especially, their theme tune. It never fails to make me smile no matter how dark my mood is…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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