Importance of logging off…

An incredible muddle up at Reiss!
The skirt I ordered online was nearly delivered to a complete stranger!
I called up the customer service in the nick of time. And the disaster was averted.
Well done, me!

Last Monday, I was at Reiss, Market Place near Oxford Circus, asking a shop assistant about the skirt I saw in their website. I love their clothing in general even though the sizing runs on a larger side – for example, their UK6 is like Topshop’s UK8. Therefore, I wanted to try the actual skirt first at the store and decide rather than guessing about the fit in the web store. The skirt in UK4 was not in stock so I tried UK6. My concern proved to be correct as I discovered the skirt hung too loose around my waist.

When I was about to leave the shop, thanking the shop assistant, she suggested I could order the skirt through their store’s iPad if I wanted the skirt sooner. Why not? I thought. Since my mind about the skirt was made up and it would be one less chores when I got home.
So, I logged in, typed in the payment detail and Bob’s your uncle, my order was placed.

When I came home and checked my emails as usual, I noticed some oddity.
Apart from the confirmation of my order, Reiss had sent another email attention to “Christine”???
This Christine seemed to have ordered a pair of blue pumps through the web store. But why were they sending me the confirmation? I was baffled but didn’t dwell on it too long, dismissing it as their administrative mistake.

Came Wednesday, DHL, Reiss’s courier, left a voicemail on my mobile, wanting to discuss about the delivery I missed. I was perplexed because I was at home all the time and 100% positive that no one rang my door bell.
So I called the customer service to find out what it was all about.
The agent who picked up my call was Victoria. She assured me that my shopping was at their depot, waiting for a further instruction. ‘It will be delivered tomorrow’, she chirped.
‘Your address is in NW2, isn’t it?’ Whaaaatttt!? I am in N1!

It turned out that my shopping they were about to deliver for the second time was destined to a complete stranger.
Victoria advised me to get in touch with Reiss’s customer service ASAP and alert them about this muddle-up since DHL would not be able to change the delivery address without their authorisation.
So I phoned Reiss straight away and explained about the imminent disaster.
The customer service who handled my call reassured me that she would be on the case immediately.

As she promised, she called me back in 20 mins and explained what had happened.
After I placed my order last Monday, using their iPad, they forgot to log me off and let other customer use the same terminal again to place her order!
So, this was the Christine! She had overwritten my detail without realising it… *GEE*
The fiasco was averted in the nick of time. However, the blame was partly mine.
I should have made sure that I was logged off properly before I left the shop.
After all, it was my online security…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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