Pop Up @ Hoxton Boutique

Temperature plunges and the sky is overcast – the autumn is knocking at our door.
Even though sweet memories of the summer still flicker with Instagram hues in my head, I am looking forward  to the change of season.


Last Friday, I was browsing my FB as usual and noticed the post announcing a pop up boutique this weekend…


The post was put up by my friend, Alison, who was a founder of the legendary fashion treasure haunt, Hoxton Boutique.
The boutique closed its door at the end of May 2011 which saddened many of the shop’s avid followers who adored quirky & fun yet very wearable styles the shop offered as an alternative to mainstream fashion.

When my West End stockist, Koh Samui, went into liquidation in the summer of 2008, Alison kindly took my knitwear into the boutique which helped me to pick myself up and move forward. And I am forever grateful for it.
The reason Alison decided to close the boutique was her desire to concentrate on her fashion brand HOBO fully instead of having to divide her attention to running the boutique and designing. As a creator myself, I understood her frustration totally. I wouldn’t be able to work if my concentration was broken all the time.
However, I missed a purple neon, HOXTON BOUTIQUE, glowing on the white fascia every time I walked passed Hoxton Street. Hoxton had lost one very important character which made the area so worthy of a visit.

Hubbie & I hadn’t seen Alison since she permanently relocated the operation to Ramsgate. Therefore, we were very excited about the reunion. So, Mr.B in tow, we walked to the boutique eagerly…


Alison, her dog, Charlie and a pop up shop participant,  Amelia were there…


We caught up with each other about how things had been in the last 2 years.

The items on sale in a front half of the boutique were old stocks from the late Hoxton Boutique…



And a rear half was occupied with a vintage clothing collection by Amelia…




Amelia also has her own shop in ASOS Marketplace, MORE AMELIA.
The selection is modern and bang on trend. Please have a look and you won’t be disappointed.

Charlie knew Mr.B since he was a puppy…


He had been making every effort to be on a friendly term with Mr.B ever since they acquainted each other 8 years ago. However, Mr.B hadn’t responded with the same enthusiasm…


Mr.B just kept on slipping away from Charlie. Oh Mr.B, open your heart a tiny bit more…

At the boutique, Hubbie bought me necklaces by Tatty Devine…


Aren’t they sweet?


I’ve heard from Alison that a new Hoxton Boutique web store will open from the middle of this month. And she is suggesting a come back to the Hoxton scene in some way near future. I am so excited!
Viva la Hoxton Boutique!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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