Love it or hate it

Brrrrrr….! Soooooo cooooold!!
It’s like the summer has shut the door firmly behind when it left London.
The chill which cloaks the city is simply a shock to my system. Both, Hubbie & I can’t stop sniffing like a child in the tail end of a crying session.

We need a fuel in our belly to fend off blue Monday…
What could be better than bubbling cheese toasts with a mug of tea!

First of all, 4 slices of whole meal bread were lightly toasted.
Then, I spread sun dried tomato paste on 2 toasts, placed 4 thin slices of de-seeded tomato and topped them with a generous serving of mature cheddar.
‘Do you want Marmite on your cheese toast?’ ‘
No! Not on mine’, Hubbie flinched with horror.


‘Why?! Don’t you like Marmite?’ He shook his head vigorously.

Still, I managed to persuade him to give one last chance to this brown “gloop”.
I buttered remaining toasts. Next, I scooped up a tiny amount of Marmite with the tip of knife and spread it very sparsely. Same as the first 2 toasts, I heaped them with a pile of grated cheese.
Then, the toasts were placed under a hot grill for about 5 mins…


Ahhhh… You little beauties!
Hubbie bit into the one with Marmite tentatively while I held my breath.
His gaze fixed into nowhere while his taste bud working in overdrive…
‘It’s nice. I like it!’ Eventually he exclaimed. Phew!
Apparently, his mum put too much Marmite on a toast when he was small.
She treated the gloop like jam, he bitterly recalled. Gee, that must have been tough.
Anyway, Marmite cheese toast has become his firm favourite.
Now, a jar of Marmite can take a proud position in our larder – not hiding behind the bottles.

Ohhhh… Still cold. I am tempted to turn the heating on…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

8 thoughts on “Love it or hate it

    • Yes, please do! The key is using it very very sparsely. Most of Marmite haters make the initial mistake of piling it on too much.
      Other than using it with cheese toast, dunking it in soft egg york is another yummy way to enjoy it. Make a toast and butter it well. Then spread Marmite very very thinly and cut the toast into strips – about 2cm wide. Place a soft boil egg on the egg stand, break the top and dunk the strip into the york. Mmmmm… Yum!

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Marmite. Is Vegemite very similar to it as well? They do sell both in some select stores around here, I’ll have to pick up a jar and try it some time. Cheese toast and dipping it into a soft boiled egg sounds delicious!

    • Hi there. I heard that Vegemite is similar to Marmite. Vegemite is not available in UK. So I can’t be certain about the taste. Marmite is really delicious as long as it is used sparsely. It is salty and may leave a strong aftertaste if it is applied too generously. Great for a savoury toast with cheese or egg (^_<)
      BTW, I love your blog!

      • Thank you so much! I absolutely love Japan and I really hope that comes through in my posts and inspires others to want to go there.

        Your blog is wonderful! Such a great mix of London food and fashion. London is so at the top of my list for MUST-GO-TO places. It’s just so hard to give up my Japan trips…need to win lottery so I can do it all!

      • Oh thank you. I am glad that you like my blog. (^-^)
        London is such a mixed bag place and it’s great for someone like me.
        Your blog makes me want to go away. I need a change of scenery!!!!

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