Bookartbookshop @ Pitfield Street

Evil claws of greedy high street chains and property developers keep on stretching towards East London ever since the area has been known for being a hip & happening place.
So far, the invasion of chain stores ebbs around Old Street roundabout even though the onslaught may commence anytime if the UK economy continues to recover.

Amongst the transience of the London cityscape, Bookartbookshop on Pitfield Street stands its corner, being serenely individual and unapologetically arty.


The shop opened its door in 2002.
One day, Hubbie and I were walking around our new neighbourhood – we moved in 2001, and came across this intriguing shop…


The shelves are filled with books, cards, maps and charts, all of which are made in limited numbers.
This shop elevates paper into an art form as a medium of self-expression…


While mainstream publishers and book retailers cash in on the feather-weight celebrity related culture / subject and keep on saturating the market with worthless pulps, a specialist book store such as Bookartbookshop offers a unique opportunity.  The opportunity to handle lovingly hand pressed and bound books.
Every piece is tangible and precious which conveys the importance of handcrafting and offers visual and tactile communication between artist and audience.

East London remains as a treasure trove of quirkiness and eccentricity.
Bookartbookshop is one of the finest examples which defines what the area is all about…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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