Ted Schaap / Scapa Illustrator from the 1960’s and still creating.

Heart warming illustrations by Ted Schaap, introduced by Fishinkblog’s Blog…

Fishinkblog 6451 Ted Schaap 7Image © Punkt

Ted Scapa (born January 17, 1931 in Amsterdam, as Edward Schaap) is a Dutch/Swiss contemporary artist, former publisher and television presenter.  Sometime during his life Ted changed his name from Schaap to Scapa, hence there are designs with both surnames.

Fishinkblog 6450 Ted Schaap 6

Here are some of his record cover designs for children.

Fishinkblog 6449 Ted Schaap 5

After studying graphic art at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and two years of military service as an officer in the Guards, Ted Scapa spent several years working abroad, including in India , Indonesia , Hong Kong and the United States . He illustrated as a cartoonist for various international newspapers and magazines such as Punch in England or the Nebelspalter in Switzerland , and has published numerous children’s books and collections of cartoons, like this called ‘Sisters and Brothers’.

Fishinkblog 6447 Ted Schaap 3

In 1962 he settled in Switzerland and married Benteli Meret Meyer, the daughter of…

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