Curious Yellow Kafe @ Pitfield Street

Curious Yellow Kafe, this place is a hidden gem in my neighbourhood.
The premises used to be an ordinary greasy spoon before it was taken over by a bunch of energetic young people in skinny jeans & Converse. And they transformed this once sun-bleached & much ignored place into a destination where the people purposefully trek to…


The cafe is situated at the very north end of Pitfield Street which is the furthest away from the heartland of the Hoxton bar & restaurant scene. Yet, they still manage to attract a sizeable crowd who make this eatery hip and lively. It is quite an achievement in itself…


When we arrived there well after 3 o’clock last weekend, the kitchen was already closed.
This sweet cafe’s pièce de résistance is their plat du jour which offers a variety of veggie / non-veggie menu.
Despite of its compact size, the kitchen manages to produce the dishes which makes me salivate by just looking at their blackboard…


Their Autumn menu is as follows;
(v) Cauliflower soup w/ sage butter & bread £3.50
(v) Roast beet root, grape, goat’s cheese & fennel salad & bread £7.50
Crayfish, orange, kohlrabi & rocket salad & bread £7.50
Chestnut mushroom, field mushroom, Parmesan & polenta £7.50
Swedish meatballs w/ linguine & Parmesan £6.50
Are you getting hungry?

No more hot food for the day, so we had tea & cake.
Hubbie had a slice of dates & banana cake…


And I had a carrot cake.
I had to defend my cake from Hubbie’s super stealth folk which kept on breaching the airspace of my cake.
Oi you, leave my frosting alone!


The cakes were accompanied by large servings of strong English breakfast tea.
It was so strong that it could grow hair on my chest (kidding!)…


There was something hugely satisfying about sipping a cup of tea with the loved one while watching the world went by…


It was Hubbie’s first work-free weekend since last May.
Darling, weekend is NOT extra working days. You can’t treat it as such. You must realise that…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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