Gray’s Inn Gardens @ Theobolds Road

Eventually, I managed to visit Gray’s Inn Gardens, the place which I had been looking on over its fence for many years.
It was one lunchtime before the weather turned autumny and  I was happened to be in the area, whereupon I decided to investigate it.

The entrance to the garden was located at the north end of Jockey’s Fields, by a traffic-control barrier.
A hand written notice was informing the users that the garden would be closed at 2:30pm.


A narrow path leading up to the garden…


And it suddenly opened up to the sea of lush green.
Behold the way this mature plane tree  soaring towards the sky!


I lay myself down on the grass at once and looked up the green canopy which fanned out its lowest branches at the point as high as a three-storeyed building.
While a breeze caressed my fringe, I gazed at this magnificent specimen which stood on this ground for god knew how long. As long as 200 years? I felt immensely privileged to be so physically close to a living thing which managed to survive the waves of turbulence since it germinated in this world. I was enchanted.

The garden was a perfect location for a picnic lunch.
It was a shame that I already finished my lunch elsewhere…


Just compare the size of the trunk against the man with a paper bag in hand!


I felt like being a Hobbit in Fangorn Forest.
What a magical place Gray’s Inn Gardens was…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

2 thoughts on “Gray’s Inn Gardens @ Theobolds Road

    • Thank you!
      This garden has lots of mature trees which make this place extra special.
      The only minus is the length of the British summer! We can do a picnic lunch in less than 2 month a year. How about that? (T-T)

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