IKEA @ Wembley

After visiting the RAF Museum, we decided to make a detour to IKEA Wembley.
We had been acutely short of wooden hangers for quite sometimes. And since we came by car, buying them at IKEA then rather than at John Lewis later, made more sense at the time.
Hubbie insisted that we should give that damn sat nav one last chance, so off we went while a TomTom voice cajoling.
Well, would you like to know how the sat nav performed? It led us to the Tesco Extra next door instead of IKEA Wembley! We just couldn’t face the unyielding North Circular any more, so parked our car at the Tesco and proceeded to the IKEA on foot. *SIGH*


We picked up a yellow bag each and wandered into the superstore.
IKEA on Saturday, it was probably not the best time to visit, it dawned on us belatedly.
The aisle was saturated with carts, push-baggies, children, grannies, etc. We endured this surprizingly energy-sapping slow hike behind the crowd until we reached the restaurant.

‘One thing no one should do is to go shopping with an empty stomach’, Hubbie reasoned and I wholeheartedly agreed with him. So we joined a queue with a tray in hands…





Salad platters…


I never had tried their famous meatballs ever at any of the IKEAs I had shopped- Croydon, Lakeside & Wembley, in my entire time in UK. Well, it was about to change…


My meatballs with mash & peas!


Hmmm…, an ultimate comfort food, I thought.
It was bland but also predictable and reassuring. A kind of food to be most welcome when you are under stress, like shopping in IKEA on Saturday.

Once having psyched ourselves up, we hoisted the yellow bags over our shoulders and headed to Market hall.
Finding wooden hangers was easy peasy. We grabbed 4 sets and stuffed in the bag. Then, we saw a plushy faux sheepskin rug in black. Wouldn’t it be perfect for Mr.B? So, we grabbed it too.
Then, our next quest turned out to be a nightmare. We were looking for a circular shaped mouse pad which I bought from IKEA Croydon 5 years ago. Please don’t laugh but that was how long I had been avoiding shopping at the superstore. We zigzagged the shop floor like beach-combing. Yet, no mouse pad in any shape or colour.
Why aren’t there any shop assistant in sight? We were nearly at the end of our tether. Then, a guy in a IKEA yellow polo shirt materialised like a mirage so we grabbed him! ‘Do you sell any mouse pad? If you do where can we find it?’ He looked back at us in mild bewilderment and suggested to try the desk & laptop department upstairs. Oh noooo, are you kidding us? We rolled our eyes and trudged up the stairs.
Where the he** is the desk & laptop department? It was very far, very very far away…
Well, for our weary soul, it felt like a nightmarishly long trek, dodging oncoming carts, push-baggies and people.
Eventually, we found the area with lots of desks & swivel chairs. But alas, no sign of mouse pad. Ohhhh, whatever. They no longer sold any mouse pad.

With just hangers and a rug in the bags, we queued up at the till…


While the rest of the shoppers standing by their carts laden with heaps of cardboard boxes in all shapes, we were there with less than two bags full. We felt pathetic.

A journey home was uneventful (which was a very good thing).
We presented Mr.B with his new rug and he loved it! Oh well, taking account of his delight, our ordeal at IKEA was not entirely in vain…


He was hanging on to the rug tightly last night…


And likewise, this morning…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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