Making ready for A/W 2013

One of my favourite things in the world is the smell of autumn.
Even for me, It is hard to define, however. The smell brings up every image I associate with autumn in my head like a kaleidoscope as soon as I catch a whiff of it. Do you know what I mean?
The phenomenon is probably not by just a smell but the coolness in the air as well as the mellower sunshine of autumn.
The combination of all contributes to this “autumny smell” I am trying to describe.
When it is inhaled, I feel autumn in the back of my nose. And it happened again when I open a French door in the bedroom this afternoon.

Though, there is a certain thing I don’t look forward to but has to be done at the beginning of every autumn.
That less palatable task is a switchover of my wardrobe from spring/summer to autumn/winter.
The cases have to be dragged out from the back of the cupboard and the contents have to be examined and the decision has to be made. It is a chore.
Anyway, I got on with the job today.
A heap of discarded clothing on the floor and I, walking around in a different shoe/boot on each foot and standing in front of the mirror in a higgledy-piggledy fashion, fretting… Do you get the picture?
Eventually, I chose what I would want to wear for this autumn/ winter and the rest was put away. Phew, it was utterly exhausting!

Autumn has arrived to my lovely Letizia’s treasure trove, DiGuardo on Kensington Park Road as well!
I was there to make a second delivery of this season. The first stock I supplied at the end of August  was already sold out. Therefore, I was asked to replenish.

My Bramley big collar jacket on the rail together with Letizia’s handpicked frocks…


My Meringue jumper in blue velvet are supplied in size 1 & 2…


Super cool Letizia with the jumper on…


Doesn’t she look like Emmanuelle Alt?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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