Tea & Cake @ Regent’s Canal

After satisfying myself with vintage-browsing, I headed home via Regent’s Canal.
The path leading towards the canal was paved with cobbles and the angle was steep…


The hue of leafage matured and deepened which made the foliage appeared denser and if not slightly doleful.
Even those barges floating on soupy water of the canal looked to be holding their breath.

It was overcast and windless. The canal reflected its surrounding like a mirror…


Regent’s Canal was constructed in the early 19th Century under the supervision of Prince Regent’s pet architect,
John Nash. It starts from Paddington Basin, flows through Little Venice, Camden Lock, St.Pancras Lock and arrives at City Road Basin, my neighbourhood…



‘Oh I wish if I could sit down with a cup of tea’, I sighed.
My hand started to ache with the weight of my shopping bag which I stuffed overzealously at M&S, Angel.
Then, a canal boat with a teapot sign on its roof appeared in the distance like a mirage!
Am I daydreaming?…


It was a barge converted to a floating cafe!
I was less than 10 minutes walk away from home. However the allure of this unusual place was too strong to resist.
Who can forgo an opportunity to have tea at a cute cafe like this?…


The mistress of the barge was Lorraine, a charming lady with the Land Girl hair do and twinkling blue eyes.
When I asked about cakes on offer, she brought out a cake tin, piping hot from the oven!


Ahhh, a freshly baked cake! I must have it with my tea.
The cake was concocted from the mixture of banana, plantain, apple, walnuts and caraway seed and it was truly scrumptious. Especially, the plantain, I never tasted it in my life but I am a convert now.

The cafe offers not only tea & cake but also freshly cut sandwich and home-made soup daily between Wednesday to Sunday…


However, the barge may change its location time to time. Therefore, please check an update on their Facebook page.

Sipping tea from a proper china set and munching on a home-baked cake by the canal…


Mmmm… Priceless…
A breather like this is so necessary in hectic urban life. Without it, time will just roll by at an alarming pace, leaving one with nothing worthy to recollect at the end of the day.
As I will have to go back to Mr.B’s vet on Thursday in order to sort out the discrepancy caused by their mistake, I may drop by to pay a quick homage to the cafe again.
Any excuse will do to have another cuppa (& possibly a cake) by the canal with ducks and geese…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “Tea & Cake @ Regent’s Canal

  1. This reminds me of the day my husband and I walked from Oxford to Abingdon along the Thames! I love the locks there (have never seen one before living in England) and there’s a really nice pub there too where we stopped for chilli con carne.

    • Oh I love the walk along the Thames too! There are really nice pubs towards the west, aren’t there? Living along the river sounds idyllic except when a long rain threatens a flood. And it happens too often nowadays… (^_^;)

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