Mr.B & Day Out @ Essex Road

Last Thursday, Me.S & I set out to the vet on foot.
Mr.B, being a rather reluctant stroller, required 3F treatment – Fair, Firm & Friendly – from me time to time. Still, we managed to reach Essex Road without too much trouble.
The time was just after 1pm so we decided to have a quick bite at Food Lab…


Ohhhh, I think I’m gonna have a small plate of salad!
I was visiting Lorraine at her barge cafe for tea & cake later on. Therefore, the lunch mustn’t be too heavy…


We sat at one of the picnic tables by the pavement…



Mmmm…, they look good…


The salad was flavoured beautifully and the bread was delicious. Mr.B enjoyed a few morsels as well.

After lunch, we headed to our primary destination, the vet.
Mr.B sussed out imminent danger to his mental well-being by a doggie sixth sense. As the result, he stopped dead on the spot and refused to budge! Oh dear, I have to stuff you in the carrier then. *SIGH*

At the vet, we picked up a pipette which was missing from the box of Advocate we bought the other day.
Then, we were asked if Mr.B could model some of the doggie clothing they were selling in the pet shop.
I was more than happy to oblige though Mr.B thought otherwise…



Mr.B’s solo fashion show commences.
Mr.B in a hoodie gilet…


Mr.B in a Barbour coat…


Mr.B in a granddad pullover…


Mr.B in a check anorak with faux fur hoodie…


I wasn’t sure how Mr.B found it but I and the staff had plenty of “ooh” & “ahh” and fits of giggles…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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