Mr.B @ Studio North & The Canal

I never saw how quickly Mr.B’s tiny feet could move!
He darted towards the exit as soon as I put him down on the floor, never looking back.
He was scampering away from the vet in his fifth gear. You never know how hard a mere 2 kg Chihuahua can pull!  Anyway, Mr.B slowed down to a cruising speed once he thought the danger was over and we pottered along New North Road, the southbound.

Then, we came across a jewellery studio…


We hardly came this way on foot therefore it had slipped below our radar…


One of the designers, Chrysanthe, showed me a collection of mainly silver jewellery they created at the premises…


On the wall, there were coloured architectural drawings…


Chrysanthe explained to me that her husband who shared the studio as his architectural practice, had participated in Open House London 2013 last weekend and the drawings were a part of the exhibits.

Mr.B had a good nosing around of the shop floor…



The works exhibited there were distinctly original and innovative.
Highly recommended to pay a visit if you are in & around the area.

After leaving the studio, we turned into Linton Street.
What a beautiful day!


The sky was criss-crossed with vapour trails…


Hello, Bilbo barge…


While Mr.B waited in the carrier by the chair, I chatted to Lorraine…


Lorraine was just releasing a lemon drizzle sponge from the tin when we dropped in…


The sponge was cut in half and, she spread ginger preserve very very carefully…


Then, the other half of the cake was placed on top of it. Tickety-boo!


Ta-dah, my tea & cake at the canal! Absolutely priceless…


Once Lorraine finished a meeting with her plumber, we had a good old chitchat in the sun…


Mr.B nibbled on the cake too. Oh I mustn’t forget to brush his teeth once we’ve got home…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

9 thoughts on “Mr.B @ Studio North & The Canal

    • Yes, please do! She is such a lovely & cool chick. On some sunday, there is a vintage market barge as well. However, check “sandwich barge” FB page for the latest location before setting off. I don’t want you to be disappointed (^_^)

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