Sunday Roast @ The Eagle

Hubbie and I both realised that we hadn’t had a Sunday roast for a very long time.
Some might suggest that we should do it by ourselves at home, rather than going out for it.
However, the urge comes all the sudden and we fancy it there and then. No time for a preparation.
Also, I tend to choose chicken while Hubbie prefers beef. There is no room in our oven to accommodate two different meats anyway. Therefore it makes more sense to have local restaurants & pubs which serve a decent Sunday roast in our little black book than us, slaving in the kitchen.
A story about the demise of family Sunday roast lunch was featured in some newspaper the other day. The article pointed out how a family ritual such as Sunday lunch where generations of family clan gathered under the same roof and dined the same food which was cooked by a family matriarch, was a tradition rapidly diminishing in  modern Britain. I guess families nowadays bond with each other in different manners. Like calling one another on the phone or even skyping, we get in touch with loved ones anywhere & anytime. It probably lessens our urge to update each other’s business once a week over the family dining table. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

Anyway, Hubbie and I headed to our local pub, the Eagle, on Shepherdess Walk just after 1pm last Sunday…


Hubbie ordered a pint of pear cider and for me, a bottle of sparkling water.
We settled ourselves comfortably on a well plumped bench-like long leather chair and immediately started playing with our iPhones…


The interior of the Eagle…


Airy yet very cozy.
The Eagle revamped the interior a few years ago and the pub has gone from strength to strength since then.

Ahhhh, my roast chicken has arrived! We also ordered cauliflower cheese & cooked leek to go with it…


By the way, Hubbie ordered roast pork with cracklings.

Mmmm…., the portion, especially the chicken, was plentiful.


The plate was laden with a Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and cooked veggies as well.

The cauliflower cheese was piping hot with gorgeously gooey cheddar…


The meal reminded me how great the Sunday roast was. We must call them again very soon…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

4 thoughts on “Sunday Roast @ The Eagle

  1. Oh my goodness! Sunday roasts are something that I’m really missing since I’ve arrived in Japan. Your photography makes the food look so tasty! You have to eat my share of roasts for the next year 🙂

    • I know! I miss Sunday roast when I am in Japan. My mom’s kitchen is not equipped with a large oven, therefore, any roast is off the menu.
      I also miss British style thin crispy toast during my stay. It’s simple things which start my yearning (^-^)

  2. I’m now on the last day of my Japan trip and really craving something other than Japanese food. Not to say what I ate here wasn’t fabulous but a roast sounds really really really good right now!

    • I know how you feel! I am visiting Japan after Xmas and gonna be there for 3 weeks. And I will miss the British food for sure. I will definitely miss roast dinner and Brit-style toast! In Japan, I never find sliced wholemeal bread. Oh well, I will have to take some provisions with me. Like a jar of Marmite & a plenty of decaf tea bags…

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