Sunday Tea @ The Canal

Last Sunday after becoming more than full with the lunch at the Eagle, we decided to pay an homage to the Sandwich Barge.
The weather for the weekend supposed to be unstable, a mishmash of sunshine, cloud, rain, wind, etc.
Because of it, we even cancelled our trip to Holland Park. Then came Sunday, it turned out sunny and less windy than the day before. We were rather cross about this misinformation.
It was nearly 3pm already and wouldn’t have enough time left to travel across to West London.
By the canal, we could still bask in the sun while sipping tea & munching on a cake, so we reasoned.

The path along the canal was fairly  lively with the Sunday crowd…


Next to Lorraine’s barge cafe, there was another canal boat, selling vintage clothing.
From the speakers on its roof, the ’50s pop music was played and the atmosphere around the barges was cozy and good-natured.

Most of the diners were enjoying oysters on Lorraine’s weekend menu…


I wish if I could join them!
However, the pleasure had been denied to me ever since I developed a severe allergy to oyster 15 years ago. *SOB*

Instead, we ordered tea and just-out-of-oven chocolate brownie…


We sipped our tea in the mellow afternoon sunshine.
Lorraine’s chocolate brownies were amazing. She mixed in walnuts in the dough. Baking made the walnut so soft, it melted in my mouth like magic. It was divine!

Then, we saw a family of swans went gliding past…


A swan mama and her cygnet.
She chaperoned her four offspring up and down the canal gracefully.

After savouring our afternoon tea, we bid farewell to Lorraine and headed home…


Instead of crossing the canal via Wharf Road Bridge, we carried on towards Shepherdess Walk.

Then we saw a cat cringing on to the side of the barge rather precariously…


The cat appeared not too concerned about the situation it was in.
So I whispered to it ‘Puss, puss, puss’. And the cat meowed me back, like saying hello…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

2 thoughts on “Sunday Tea @ The Canal

    • I am glad that Ron-chan liked the post. Lorraine’s barge is a fully functioning kitchen. She is also planning to install a shower in there near future. I shall carry one writing about the canal living time to time. So, watch this space!
      I hope the cat stayed dry. It looked rather dangerous…

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