GANBARE! NIPPON Lotus @ Maddox Street

After finishing lunch at the Photographer’s Gallery cafe, I was scurrying towards Brook Street via Maddox Street, off Regent Street.
By the way, Regent Street was colourfully adorned with the flags of NFL.


The game started to get more attention in recent years.
Even though I wasn’t paying that much attention, the exhibition match played between the real NFL teams at the the Wembley Stadium was televised on TV during the peak time. Who knows, we may have our own American Football teams in future. We have plenty of brawny tall men in here too!

Anyway, I saw a gleaming white Lotus parked on Maddox Street…


Coming across super luxurious sports cars is not at all rare in London. In fact, Central London is saturated with them…


However, bumping into the one with a message to Japan was pretty novel!


ガンバレ!日本 – Come on! Japan, the slogan stated. A message to the land of the Rising Sun from the street of London.

However, it was a shame that a parking penalty was slapped on its windscreen…


The owner of this beautiful car would not be very pleased when he/she was back…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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