Night tea @ Maison Bertaux

It’s tradition.
Fei and I both agreed that we would never wrap up our ramen dinner night without paying an homage to our another favourite Soho haunt, Maison Bertaux.
Therefore, we duly set out for a delft-blue patisserie on Greek Street…

Our table nestled snugly against an old piano in the back of the patisserie…


A wonderful thing about this bijou is they serve tea & cake in the middle of boozy Soho. While patrons at the bars & pubs nearby grow steadily raucous as evening turns into night, one can sit with friends at the table with a pot of tea & delicious cakes made on site and hold a proper conversation without staining vocal cords. How civilised is that?


Smiley Fei. Hanging around with her was  great pleasure as always…


Johan, a permanent fixture of this beloved time capsule whom I’d known from the very first day I set my foot in here, appeared to be the worse for wear. He was rubbing his back and blankly staring into mid air…


I imagined he must have been dog-tired since this place was constantly awash with waves of eager customers from 8am to 8pm.

We left the patisserie just before 8pm…


I wanted to buy bits and pieces at Japanese shops on Brewer Street but alas, they were closed already!
Being too accustomed to the idea of late night shopping, aren’t I? How London had changed.

I caught tube at Oxford Circus and met this cutie on the train…


While Mr.B would look away if I pointed my iPhone at him, this black lab struck a pose for me (^-^) Yay!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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