Greta Gilet in Indigo

I haven’t blogged about my knitwear for a while, have I?
For me, knitting is like an addiction. It satisfies my creative craving and gives me a sense of normality. My day-to-day life is structured around knitting. And a sense of achievement I feel by studying the result of my labour at the end of day becomes the fuel for the next day’s work. However, a joy of knitting can turn into a battle with pain anytime if I don’t harness this insatiable desire to knit.
One extra stitch done by overworked fingers and hey presto, my hands are out of action. And one such setback plagued me at the beginning of September and I was forced to slow down. That was sad…

This is my latest knitwear, a Greta gilet, destined for DiGuardo in Notting Hill.
The used is 100% merino wool with a gorgeous denim like hue. It should hit the shop floor this week.







I start to feel much better with my hands. Therefore, I am rolling up the sleeve again from tomorrow!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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