Our Nemesis

Let me tell you about one nemesis I dread the most since we bought this Shoreditch abode.
This morning, Hubbie and I were woken up by our caretaker, Alex, informing us that there was a water leak and he suspected it was from us. This was not the first time our poor caretaker had to deliver us a bad news related to water and we knew instantaneously what was to expect. “So where is it this time?” I pulled on a jumper over my head and followed Alex to the scene of the damage. *SIGH*
The building we now live was originally developed by a bunch of a**-hole called Manhattan Loft Company. They did up this whole ex-factory so hastily and cheaply then, their shoddy work is still a source of consternation for all the present tenants. Every now and then, the people buzz each other’s doorbell, asking “Is your washing machine or dish washer on? Water is coming down from the ceiling!!” The communal pipework in this complex is so haphazardly laid out, it is like a web spun by a schizophrenic spider. How could they just wall it all up and walk away with the fortune, I don’t know. No wonder I never like property developers.
This time, the leak was happening in one of the service staircase (thank god!), therefore, we weren’t spoiling anyone’s parquet flooring or rag. I managed to get hold of my trusted plumber and he sorted it out eventually. *PHEW*
It was indeed stressful…

Another element compounded our misery was a loud noise of the roadworks outside…


Sounded like a giant, receiving a very invasive dental work. Lots of drilling and cutting was going on.
And poor Mr.B was petrified…


You wish it to be over, don’t you?


His expression said it all…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

14 thoughts on “Our Nemesis

    • He hates any loud noise! I had to leave the windows open because the floor soaked with the leak had to be aired. Oh, it was so stressful today. The utility cupboard we discovered the leak even had some mushrooms growing!! I am not kidding (T-T)

  1. Oh no! Poor Mr B! And poor you as well. The two of us are thinking of buying a place when we get back to Oz, and I’m living in fear that something similar might happen to us as well…

    Also, that’s probably the most artistic-looking roadwork I’ve ever seen. Were you using a Prime lens?


    • Hi Gem, its a hazard comes with any old building done up by modern property developers, I suppose. And London is full of handy work by them! We did a thorough survey before buying it but no surveyor can spot shoddy works under the floor or in the wall. (=_=)
      The app I used to take the pic of the roadworks is Hipstamatic. They are like Instagram but have more film and lens combinations than Instagram. One of the package “Loftus + DC” is great for taking picture of food. It’s fun, I highly recommend it (^_^)

      • Gem: The dining room looks like a classroom! Why? Why? Is this some sort of mental illness?

        Kin: Why? What sort of sad, pathetic life must you have lead to want to relive kyuushoku?

        Kyuushoku will be about the only thing I’ll be happy to leave behind when I go home next year!

      • You know, the Japanese can be a bit masochistic sometimes. I certainly don’t want to eat any of those crap food I was fed at school ever again – even at gunpoint! However, some idiots, especially sad Japanese salarymen who collect plastic toys and anime stuff, would love to reminisec about their childhood memory, free from any stress the adult life bring…

      • Oh I didn’t mean that way! Sorry no offence.
        As an expat observing motherland from abroad, I find Japan & the Japanese are regressing in a rather alarming way. Some of them, especially men, they seem to have lost their will to be manly. Instead of navel-gazing, they should get out, move forward and grow up, rather than wishing if they could go back to where they feel safe and innocent. Sounds heavy, doesn’t it. Sorry (^-^;)

      • No, I kind of know what you mean. Kin swears that Japan sometimes seems to be a nation of children, which is sweet in some ways and disturbing in others.

        We, however, just elected Tony Abbot, so we aren’t in a position to criticise anyone. And also, looking at North American weaboos, even I feel dubious about our stuff sometimes!

      • Yeah, it’s true. All those jibber-jabber, even I feel like stop listening to what they have to say.
        I’ve just booked my flight to Japan after Xmas. It will be interesting to immerse myself again in Japanese culture. I am sure I will be fed up with non-stop “owarai” comedy shows and gay shop displays in no time!

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