London Review Cake Shop @ Bury Place

My throat hurts like hell right now. I think some pesky bacteria latched on me sometime this week and I have succumbed to its evil spell…


Even though I am far from being a happy bunny health-wise, I have an urgent order to fulfil, therefore, pull on my hoodie like a tough chick and slog away. Can anyone help me with this damn sore throat? It’s killing me.

Before I was struck by a cold, I visited a cafe run by London Review Bookshop on Bury Place near British Museum. I was long intrigued by this cafe within a bookshop…


However the place’s close proximity to British Museum concerned me.
Wouldn’t it be saturated with tourists?


Maybe something to do with the weather – it looked certainly grumpy with thick grey cloud hanging low threatening to turn worse at any minute, the cafe was only half full.

The cafe was smaller than I imagined and nearly one third of the space was taken up by their open kitchen…



The counter was laden with tempting looking offerings.
And the staff handed me to study their extensive tea menu…


And I decided to try their aubergine quiche with salad, accompanied by a pot of Assam breakfast tea…


Their food, especially the salad, was delicious.
I could taste pear and walnuts as well as Parmesan amongst finely chopped up parsley and peppery rocket.
The quiche was also creamy and moreish. The portion might be a little on the modest side. However, they have lots of baked goodies on offer to quell anyone’s hunger totally.

The cafe proved to be a worthwhile place to replenish during the day.
I certainly dog-ear it’s page in my little address book for future reference…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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