Sweet Memories To Cheer Me Up

It never ceases to amaze me how a human body copes with adversities.
For example, my right nose unblocks itself like magic while my left nose decides to shut down. And vice versa. How clever, I admire while nursing my reindeer nose with Kleenex Balsam. The sore throat which has been troubling me for the past three days, has finally started to loosen its grip and I feel less wretched when I swallow my food.
The order I was slaving away had been picked up by the boutique, DiGuardo, this afternoon, therefore, I could retire to the bedroom with Mr.B & a hot water bottle under my arms. Thank god. I really needed it.

Even though being tucked in a warm duvet was the best remedy for the present state of my health, I couldn’t help feeling like the biggest loser. My despondency was made even worse when I checked a FB app on my iPhone. A typical FOMO feeling. Oh, stop it! What can I do? I am just ILL!

Then, I opened a Photos app and scrolled up & down, looking at Mr.B’s cute pics.
Oh yeah, I remember them. There were a few photos of cakes & treats I took in the past.

This was a giant chocolate truffle at Maison Bertaux


The truffle was even larger than a fist of toddler! They were displayed by the till, sharing a tray with equally iconic their Marzipan Figs and cherry cupcakes.


In spite of its large serving size, the gateau was incredibly delectable to the last morsel. The ratio of sweetness and bitterness was just exquisite.

This fig tart was at Apostrophe on Great Eastern Street..


We took our car to The American Carwash Company across the road to be washed and had latte & cake while we waited. The tart was ok though the crust could be more yielding. I stuck my fork a little too hard and saw the crust bits ricocheted around like shrapnel! Oh, sugar!

While Hubbie & I mopping up the plates, Mr.B, chilled out in the sun…


This was a mini pea pod I found in a bag of frozen peas the other evening…


I remember myself trying to open this tiny pod but with no avail.
It would have been super fun if I could get miniature peas out of it.

A section of carrot with Mr.B’s bite marks…


Mr.B had such a tiny bite and he needed a help from me.

A slice of pear, almond & pistachio tart at The Photographer’s Gallery


The tart tasted ok but I thought the pistachio was a little too overpowering. Apart from the almond paste, I tasted no pear.

It was raining hard and I was glad to be in a dry place…


And a toasted cheese & tomato croissant at Shoreditch Grind


A buttery croissant became even more scrummy when it was toasted and easier to eat as well. Less flaky = less messy.

By looking at these photos, my mood has certainly improved. I am still feeling down but not as miserable as a few hours ago…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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