Mystery Car Park…

Since early this morning, some filming is going on in the car park across the street.
Are they shooting a film? Or a commercial? Despite the fact that it is Saturday, a large-scale roadwork is carried out nearby and the drilling sound is deafening. Can they film in this noise? How about sound-recording??


This car park I am talking about has been a little bit of mystery ever since I’ve started to live here in 2000.
It sits at the corner of Shepherdess Walk and City Road and is situated in less than a 5 minutes’ walk distance from Old Street tube station, I wonder what is stopping this undoubtedly prime location to be developed into another block of yuppie flats. There must be some complicated legal matters between multiple ownership, therefore it’s not up for sale, perhaps?
Not that I want this site to be developed into anything any way.  You see the undergrowth on the right? In there, a family of urban red foxes reside. Once a year in late spring, Hubbie & I can see young fox cubs venturing out from the den. When the car park is shut for the weekend and quiet, they enjoy themselves, exploring the outside world while a mummy fox keeps the watchful eye on them. They sniff around tentatively or they even do a play-fight, pouncing on each other. Even though the present car park is rather unkempt and not at all smart, I would like the place to be left as it is, therefore the foxes will be in peace, unmolested.

It’s nearly 6pm, and they are still shooting in the drizzle…


What does green double-decker mean? Are they shooting a Christmas ad for Asda the supermarket?

It’s almost 7:30pm and they are still there…


Instead of filming, the people are just standing around. Are they having a post-production BBQ or something?
Oi you, stop being so bl**dy nosy…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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