The Importance of Why & How…

This morning, I was munching on a slightly overdone toast while watching a BBC programme in which a panel of critics in various professions discussing if that Miley Cyrus’s twerking had done any harm to the status of women…


Hmmm…, it was true that her act at VMA 2013 did generate miles of column inch as well as countless YouTube viewing and the majority of public response to it was negative. I saw the clip myself and found it rather explicit and lewd. And no matter how vigorously she gyrated her crotch, it was anything but sexy.
However, did she deserve that much public outcry in which she was slated for harming the mental well-being of young girls and the dignity of the female populations in general?
We have a plenty of celebrities who utilise bits and pieces of their bodily parts in order to attract attention.
Madonna, Britney Spier, Pamela Anderson, Demi Moore, Dita Von Teese, etc, they’ve all done it. Or how about Kim Kardashian? Are they not using their body and sexuality to their maximum advantage?
To me, Miley’s act looked like she was desperate to break the mold of Hannah Montana. In order to discard the image of cuddly and chummy ex-Disney child star for good, she decided to emulate a common whore. It was a rather extreme choice and not done in the best of taste but I understood her intention. Even though it was public bashing she accumulated, she has managed to place the crosshairs of media attention upon her which in return will guarantee her future billing more lucrative. I think she has achieved what she wanted.
However, I do believe the way she and the rest of publicity hungry celebrities self-promote, harms our society. It warps the sense of right and wrong and puts too much emphasis on the end result of “just being in the limelight”.
Achieving notoriety by whatever means it takes, sounds gutsy and even admirable. Yet, practicing so by flashing a scarcely covered rear in Instagram or dancing lewdly on a public stage can never win any respect in the long run.

Oh by the way, my throat is still throbbing. I suck a Ricola’s herbal sweet one after another but it hurts all the same.
I have been taking really easy yet it seems to make a slightest difference. Nothing works.  WHY? HELP!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Why & How…

  1. Yeah, I’m with you. It’s definitely not what I’m into, but I think it was a good career move!

    And really, how can something that plenty of female dancers do in music videos all the time SUDDENLY harm the status of women, just because it’s Miley Cyrus doing it? I think Disney has more to answer for, encouraging that bizarre Hannah Montana combination of sexiness and sexlessness, in a world where you should be pretty because boys will like you, but you will forever remain virgin.

    At least this way, we all know what we’re getting.

    Also, if you can stand the sweetness, a plain spoonful of honey helps a sore throat no end, as do hot (not warm, but HOT) drinks. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but trust me, the hotter the better.

    If you’re staying sick like this though, you might have a bacterial infection, in which case you might just have to bite the bullet and get some antibiotics. I know no-one likes doing it, but sometimes it’s best.

    • Yeah, I know. Miley’s act was embarrassingly bad and shouldn’t have done it because it was plainly bizarre and painful to watch. Don’t you agree that all ex-Disney stars are behaving in the same manner?
      Also, it’s kind of alarming to find us not that much shocked by any nudity or more than suggestive gesture by celebrities and its wannabes. Too much is already out there and we are desensitized by it. So we no longer care much. I am old enough to know what is fantasy and what isn’t. But those impressionable kids, who grow up being awash with hip hop video and video games, it must be very confusing.
      Thank you for the advice for my sore throat. It’s kind of moved on to different parts of my body now. My nostril and windpipe are full of gunk which bothers me a lot. I suppose I have to sit tight and persevere. I am sure you have some virus going around in your end of world. Don’t forget to wash hand and gargle every time you come home! X

  2. first and most important things first : best solution i know for a sore throat – difflam (available from pharmacist at boots). Swear by the stuff! (

    As for Miley – part of me feels I owes her a massive thank you. Social hermit that I sometime am I had no idea what twerking was until *that* performance. Not that it seems I was missing much. It was many things but sexy wasn’t one of them

    I absolutely think you’ve hit the nail on the head that it was all about shedding the Hannah Montana image. Even sweet Emma Watson had her own (very minor) post Hermione protest when she cut off all her hair. It’s easy to criticise Miley but when has any teenager ever been known for subtlety, style and self restraint? Lets just hope she grows out of it

    Get well soon


  3. Hi Lindsey! Thank you very much for the treatment tip for my sore throat. It has now moved on to a bout of cough stage. And it’s bad. I can’t eat anything even slightly irritating to my throat. I don’t think I can be in any restaurant or cinema for a quite sometimes.(=_=;)
    About Miley Cyrus and her twerking, it was awfully done and embarassing to watch but the critics, especially male counterparts, took wrong end of the stick. She wasn’t having a meltdown nor selling female sex cheaply. Mentally, she is still a kid and pushing the envelope. It must be hard to grow up in the public gaze. I feel sorry for her.
    You take care and stay cold free X

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