Random Images & Random Thoughts…

It’s the sixth day of me not feeling good.
It turned out that I might have picked up some flu virus when I deposited Hubbie’s shirts at our local dry-cleaner last Tuesday. What a thing to pick up, huh?


Anyway, this nasty germ wrecks havoc on my daily beauty routine – and given that it is imperative to stick to the routine in order to fend off an onslaught of aging, I still can’t face splashing my face with water and feel like a car wreck, rusting away on the mean street of a dingy backwater. It may sound too melodramatic but when one feels like it’s head full of gunk and has the look to match, and on top of it, it’s grey and raining outside, how can anyone feel anything other than dismal?
Oh, please someone slap me with a hot water bottle so I can snap out of this unhealthy navel-gazing…

Now then, shall I have another rummage through my iPhoto library for stray images?

Hmmm… This one I took at the Saturday vintage market off Brick Lane. The stall was specialised in vintage transport signs…


Don’t you think it will make a wonderfully original gift for someone special if the road sign or bus blind given has a personal meaning to it? Let’s say they used to live there or they commuted vis a certain bus route or have some romantic connection to the destination, etc. I wouldn’t mind buying a couple of London Transport bus blinds for myself. The route 9, 10 or 159 would do nicely. Anything to evoke sweet memories of our good old original Routemaster, I would love to keep. Before boring & unyielding one-man buses took over London bus route, their iconic red double-decker was manned by a guard with a ticketing machine and the rear of the bus was completely open. The lower deck was semi-exposed to the element, therefore, it was a bit cold & blustery in foul weather. However, the convenience of being able to hop on & off whenever and wherever one wanted was an absolute godsend in some  serioulsly clogged up old place like Central London.

Oh, these are classic! Mr.B, working as a model…


One day, Hubbie & I jokingly decided to register Mr.B with a model agency. We thought it may subsidise his upkeep. And it did!


Being amiable and unflappable, Mr.B made a very good model for press ad or TV. And his stoic professionalism in chihuahua way earned him regular clients and a steady flow of assignments until the recession hit UK in 2008.

This cute Pie & Mash sign, I came across on Lever Street EC1…


Pie & mash is the one cuisine I have yet to sample. Since this type of eatery is in decline, I must try it before they disappear too.

I don’t know why I took this picture…


It must have been taken at Eat, Topshop Oxford Circus when I was waiting for my friend before our girl’s night out?
I was probably a bit bored and fooling around with my iPhone camera. A perfect toy for killing time.

This street art by Wreckage International was located at the north end of Whitecross Street…


I don’t know why but the art reminds me a Coca-Cola bottle.
Maybe to do with her curvy body or its red & white colour scheme?

This limo, hopelessly stuck at Hoxton Square, was quite a sight. He couldn’t manoeuvre left or right, foward or backward…


The driver was red-faced and panicking while the rest of us, looking at him bemused. I was in a hurry and didn’t hang around. I hope he managed to wriggle out of the mess without scratching anything.

Oh my thoughts are so inconsistent and incoherent. Please blame the gunk invading my brain…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

3 thoughts on “Random Images & Random Thoughts…

  1. I hope you’re feeling better by now! I’m the same as you, I can’t stand washing my face when I’m sick. In fact, I get quite grungy all over because the thought of taking a shower makes me feel even more ill. Loved seeing all your old random pictures and your comments on them!

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