Maison Bentley Style x

Amazing find by Madam Bentley!

Maison Bentley Style

Are we all here? hope so! I think I’ve done it…but I suspect time and the dreaded stats will be the only way to truly know.  I do plan a visual face lift FOR THE BLOG (sigh) at some point, but I think it might be wise to let all these technical bits bed down first.  Feel free to look around and play ‘spot the difference’’s going to take a while to settle but hey, there’s a Blog Party to think about and Vintage Attitude is already buffing her baby cham! I’m rapidly writing invitations as I type and full details will follow in the next post..

But onto matters close to my heart..on my many wanderings round the web I stumbled across Mr Gugu & Miss Go. and was particularly enamoured of their sweatshirts (I’m thinking pencil leather midi with dramatic statement necklace combo?), not only do they…

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