Pacing In The Dark…

Yup, I am still housebound but feeling a lot better than last Friday! The same time last week, I was in a very dark place. Even though I still can’t live away from a box of Kleenex too long and have to clear my throat constantly, the end of my cold is nigh. Yipee!

Last night, during Hubbie was burning the midnight oil, dealing with never ending emails from Hong Kong – you see, they were up and running already while we were about to go to sleep because of this bl**dy eight-hour time difference, Mr.B and I were lying on the bed in the dark, waiting for Hubbie to join us.

Mr.B wasn’t happy. He was adamant that Hubbie should be with us as a part of the pack. He stuck his tiny body tightly against mine, staring hard at a bedroom door…


Then, he started to pace up and down a whole length of the bed. He was clearly agitated. I got bored with babying him so decided to play with my iPhone camera. Like a wild-life photographer, I used a flash but found it rather tricky to capture moving Mr.B. It was pitch-dark and I was blindly pointing and shooting…


As the result, I took the picture of him minus his face.

He couldn’t care less if he was papped or not. He was so annoyed about Hubbie’s absence…


Come on, Mr.B. Settle down. Hubbie will be here soon..,

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

24 thoughts on “Pacing In The Dark…

  1. Love this post! My chihuahua is the exact same way– all about the pack, on high alert until we’re all together! Except my chi is also scared of the camera so I always end up getting capturing a terrified expression.

    • Thank you for the comment! So your chihuahua behaves in the same manner? This behaviour can be a little troublesome when my husband is very late. He walks around, trembles and whimpers. It keeps me awake until my husband comes home (>.<;)
      Binnie doesn't like be papped either. He looks away unless I catch him very quickly…

      • Ahhhh! It’s sooooo CUTE!!
        Binnie looks away if I stick my iPhone in his face too closely. I suppose they don’t see why we do it.
        Chi shake so much, don’t they? Once Binnie decides to get frightened, no word or cuddle works…(=_=;)

  2. So glad to hear you’re getting better! It’s always around this time of the year I come down with something – perhaps because of the sudden changes in weather from summer to autumn? Mr. B is so cute btw!! 😀

    • You should be really careful because Tokyo is such a crowded city. However, lots of people wear surgical face masks too which will stop the spread if germ? Have you tried it? My mom always send them to me in UK even though I’ve seen nobody wearing one. If I walk around London with a surgical face mask, I would attract a lot of attention, wouldn’t i? So better not do it.
      Binnie was a pain in the a** that night. He trembled so much, I thought I was lying next to a vibrator! (>_<;)

      • Ahh yes I’ve seen people wear masks but luckily I haven’t come down with anything yet so I haven’t tried one on. Haha I can imagine the reaction you would get if you wore one of those masks around London!! 😛

      • It was only once but I saw a Japanese tourist wearing one at Piccadilly Circus. You know one of those middle aged Japanese men, he was also sporting tinted glasses & a baseball cap! It was quite a sight in a bad way. It was long before the treat of suicide bombers so he only attracted curious glances from passer-bys. But hey, it was a odd sight in London…

  3. Hello lovely! It’s sunday, it’s the 27’s Blog Party time! So I’m here to share – I think a hot toddy would be best – a glass of something special..rounded off with an aspirin or three!..and give Binnie a cuddle! xxx

    • Yup, a paaaaaadddyyyy time! I wish if I could share booze with you but any alcohol would make my fragile nose blocked again. So I have to be happy with a hot lemonade (>.<;)
      Binnie can be such a pain in the a** when he is agitated. I wish if he could understand there is nothing to worry about…

    • Oh thank you! I’ll pass your message to Binnie who is curling up in his dog bed by me right now. Are you also having one of those troublesome colds? It is taking ages to heal and I am still not entirely out of the woods yet. You take care X

      • Alas I caught pneumonia then got lung damage as asthmatic so long road for me. I’ve got two cuddle cats to keep me company though 😉

      • Oh no, I had a similar experience too! After my flu developed to bronchitis 5 years ago, I was almost housebound for 6 month. Couldn’t even stand wearing a bra because the tightness on chest caused me to panic every time. You take a very good care of yourself and don’t rush to be normal too soon X

      • So nice to talk about it with someone who gets it! Yep been ill most of this year. Lots of hospital stays & quarantine at home. Agreed re bra!!! How are you now? X

      • Oh your poor thing! It will get better eventually even though the recovery time can be frustratingly long. I’ve completely recovered from it but definitely changed my attitude towards cold & flu. I never dismiss it as a mere disruption to my routine but can be a beginning of all calamities! Your lung also needs to build up its flexibility and strength as well. Eat well & rest well is the best remedy. And keep up your spirit by looking at beautiful frocks! You are in the mend (^_^)

      • Ahh thank you that’s very encouraging to hear. You’re very kind 🙂 Yes agreed re colds! Ignored mine last Winter and hence pneumonia. Beautiful frocks is an excellent remedy! By the way love your avatar 🙂

      • Not al all. I found it very difficult to make others to understand how ill I was. On the appearance, I was normal but with the fear of being sick when I was out stopped me going out & socialising. Some people misunderstood me and stopped asking me out which I found it sad. However, some people were very supportive and gave me the strength too. You will get better sooner if you look after yourself better. So be patient and be happy. It’s not easy when it’s ill but you are no alone. Let’s chat over something fun again very soon – not that I am leading any exciting life but have a lot of funny disasters very often (^.^;) X

  4. That’s exactly how it is! People think its just a normal cold. Ahh well its never a bad thing to find out who the true supportive friends are 🙂 Yes lets talk about something fun soon!! Xx

    • Don’t worry about what others may think. Since I had experienced my own long time illness, it has changed me in a good way. I became more patient and independent.
      Yup, let’s talk something fun & exciting soon X

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