A Blog Paaardy Autumn Style!

I am participating in this virtual party event organised by the one & only Madam Bentley today.
My party is held in a secret garden with a charming little pond which basks in a soft golden veil of the autumn sunshine. My guests are not the raucous gatecrashing kind. They are philosophical and good listeners. While we sample our delightful picnic feast, we also savour each other’s amusing anecdote…


There is a shooting alley at the bottom of the garden and we all have a go at it, aiming at the trinkets along the wall encrusted with Virginia Creeper…


Later on, we venture out to a waterfront and inspect magnificent ships afloat. The wind is a little chilly but lots of laughing keeps us warm and jolly…


Then, on our way back, we warm ourselves at the circus. From our box by the ringside, we admire the toned bodies of performers and their daring act…


Once at home in a sumptuous Victorian mansion, we wander around endless rooms adorned with treasures and curios collected from all over the world…


By the way, this is Madam Bentley, joining the party with her mesmerising attire…


So much merriment and stimulation. I am giggling and gasping all the way…


One certain downside of having too much fun is my customary headache after one such party.
However, I have a whole next week to recover from it…

Kaori @ Kaori Okumura

26 thoughts on “A Blog Paaardy Autumn Style!

    • It would be wonderful to have a real party like that. I wish if I were a Victorian billionaire. I would hire the V&A and the National Gallery all night and allow my guests to spend as much time as they want with treasures! xxxxxx

  1. What a fun post! Really enjoy your blog– heading back to London later this week for a conference. I review souvenirs for my site and was wondering if you have any fav only-in-the-UK type shops to recommend? Last trip I hit the usual suspects– Liberty, F&M.

    • Mmmmm… only in UK gift… I have been thinking about it all day long. How about gifts from museum shops? National Gallery, the V&A, British Museum, etc have very interesting merchandises. Fortnum & Mason or Harrods is too well known and not very original. That’s all I can think of. Or weekend markets can be interesting to look for gifts if you are visiting in weekend (^_^)

      • I think this is actually a harder question for locals to answer– I haven’t done NYC yet because I really have NO idea!! Museum gift shops are on my list– last trip I did Queens’ Gallery for “royal” things and Transit Museum, found cute stuff. I recall V&A had some nice stuff will check out. Which weekend market is best? Sunday upmarket? Spitafields?

      • Spitalfields Market is the largest Sunday market, I think. However, a smaller scale vintage market is also open on Portbello Road. I was there the other Sunday and pleasantly surprised how relaxed it was. Saturday at Notting Hill is a bit too crowded & touristy.
        Or how about Colombia Road flower market? They are flower market but have loads of interesting shops in & around the market. I definitely recommend Colombia Road to Spitalfields. X

      • I didn’t know there were shops around the flower market! I’ve been wanting to go as it will be a great place to test out my new camera but thought it would have no chance of souvenirs. I think that will be a better fit for me, thanks for the tip. I know everyone raves about markets (spitafields etc) but they can be iffy, out of the way and take up a lot of time which is why I hadn’t gotten to any of them yet. Portabello on Sunday sounds like it’s worth a look too.

      • Spitalfields Market has become a victim of its own success. The market is flooded with cheap stuff from China. Along Colombia Road as well as its surrounding streets are full of interesting vintage and craft shops. However, they tend to close early, therefore, you should visit before 2pm. There are really nice restaurants and bagel bars too. You will have a great day out there (^_^)

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