St.Jude’s Fury

I was lying awake in my bed early this morning, listening to the  commotions outside.
St.Jude the Storm was creaming London. It was beating up trees, kicking around traffic cones, wiping bits & pieces off from roof gardens, starting up car alarms…etc. In short, I was having a huge tantrum. And I was holding my breath, feeling the awesome power of the storm…


Mr.B was very unsettled by the noise too.
His super-sensitive ears pricked up and he was fearing for an imminent danger. Don’t worry, we are safe in here.
But I will hold the lead extra firmly when I walk you this morning. So you won’t be swept away by the gust…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

11 thoughts on “St.Jude’s Fury

  1. I love the name of that storm, St. Jude. Yes, dogs are usually very sensitive to thunder and rain. All except my mother’s dog. He is a shiba inu and very crazy and he will run around and get soaked even though we scold him.

    • I thought they normally give a storm a female name – the custom I’ve found rather annoying. Therefore I was pleased about the name (^_^)
      The storm was very noisy in early hours and left quite a few places with no electricity and no transport. Thankfully, we had no actual damage by the storm.
      So your mom’s dog doesn’t mind a storm? Oh that’s very handy! How about fireworks? Binnie is petrified fireworks – he can’t stop shaking all night long. So we are really not looking forward to the Guy Fawkes Night & New Years Eve for his sake…

      • I’m glad to hear that you’re safe and your place didn’t suffer any damages. Yes, it does seem storms are always named after women. I remember a discussion I was having about that once with a man I knew and he made a terrible joke: “It’s because it’s a HER-i-cane”. LOL, I know, so bad, right?

        Ah, no, Lucky (my mother’s dog), is naughty in every way you can think of and does not act like any other dog I know. Fireworks don’t scare him either, I guess that’s a good thing on 4th of July and New Years Eve. The last time I saw him shaken up was when a lemon fell off my mother’s tree. He seemed to think it was alive and sniffed it for the longest time until I took it away from him.

        Besides fireworks, how else is Guy Fawkes Day celebrated in London? I remember reading about it in a book I had as a little girl that discussed all the various celebrations/holidays throughout the world.

      • On the Guy Fawkes Night, a big bonfire is made in the public park and dolls dressed as Guy Fawkes are burnt. Kids love it but come to think of it, it is a rather cruel and dark event, isn’t it? I sometimes think the Europeans are pretty savage…

      • Thanks for answering my question about Guy Fawkes. It sounds like a lot of fun for the kids…..those savage little brutes! LOL

    • I hope you & your family didn’t sustain any actual damage. Our street was littered with concrete pieces which came away from the roof of the building next door and cars which were street parked were dented by them like hot toffee!
      Ohhhh, poor Molly! I wish if could be a dog whisperer and put their troubled mind to peace (=_=)

    • Yes! We discovered our street was bombarded with concrete pieces which came away from the building next door and poor cars which were street-parked were all dented like hot toffee. It’s so scary to imagine if anyone was walking down the street then! Respect the power of nature!! X

  2. Scary about your storm. I was in London in 1987 when the last big storm hit. I had put earplugs in so I wouldn’t hear my flatmate coming in and so slept through the whole thing.!

    • The storm of 1987 was even worse than St.Jude, wasn’t it? I was so worried about scaffoldings and cranes since they were all over London. The storm & Binnie’s shaking woke me up and we heard a might crumbling noise which made Binnie shook even more! It was a short while but I was momentarily very worried… (=_=;)

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