The Morning After…

The storm seemed to have departed from London.
Still breezy but not anything as ferocious as this morning’s. I had a few errands to run in Central London this lunchtime and snapped this picture in the middle of Oxford Circus…


There was a really fearsome noise followed by several car-alarms going off early this morning.
And this was the scene of the damage right by our apartment block…


I am sure the owner of the dented cars must be very annoyed but it was extremely lucky that nobody was around. Otherwise, someone could have been seriously maimed or even been killed.
Respect the power of nature. Never underestimate its potential…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

22 thoughts on “The Morning After…

    • The owner must have been sooo annoyed! Having said that, the chunks on the street were concrete, not from panels. They came away from the roof of the building next door. I don’t know how it happened but the wind must have been so strong. The noise was alarming! I thought pots and furnitures on the roof terrace must have blown away. Who could imagine the concrete roof would be falling down on their cars! They must have thought their cars would be safe, sandwiched between tall buildings, away from any mature trees…etc. This is life, isn’t it? (^-^;)

      • So sad for those car owners. But it’s a good thing there were no people on that street when the storm was going on, they could have been seriously injured. And glad to know that your were safe during St. Jude!

      • It was actually a close call. Paul was planning to go to work much earlier than usual and if the meeting was not cancelled due to the storm, he would have been driving through the very street at the time of the incident! I am more scared now than then (>.<;)

  1. Woah, it’s such a coincidence – all this crazy weather happening all over the world! We’ve been having typhoons here and I was telling my mum how windy it is etc. and she joked that doesn’t need to come to Japan since St. Jude is in the UK!

    • Your mum didn’t get any direct damage from St.Jude? It was such a short while but managed to cause substantial damages in London & South East. I don’t think the Brit & UK are not ready for large scale natural disasters like the Japanese & American are. Still no trains are running and some people are left without electricity. It’ll take a few more days sort it out… (=_=;)

      • There was some damage to the plants in the garden, but nothing too serious from what I’ve heard. Yes, I’ve heard that the trains have been delayed as my friends commuting into central London have had problems. I hope things start running smoothly again! 0.o

      • Oh good. Nothing too serious then. It was only a very short while but the storm was so noisy, I knew this was not just a storm. Awesome power of nature!
        I really feel sorry for people commuting via BR. They are not very reliable in best of the time. Then, something like this happens, what a drama!

  2. The photo with the cars really looks like it was taken from a scene from a movie. Good thing nobody got killed. You have a really neat blog theme here! Very nice! 🙂

    • It took everyone breath away! Those poor car owner must have reckoned their cars would be safe on the side street sandwiched by two tall buildings and away from any mature trees. How wrong they were! The incident happened around 6amish, and my husband was supposed to go to the office early. It was cancelled because of the storm. But if it wasn’t and he was driving down the street! The thought scares me more than then.
      Thank you for your encouraging comment. It means a lot for me! (^_^)

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