Measure Twice & Cut Once…

last Friday, a commotion occurred as soon as my work-weary Hubbie walked into our door. ‘I can’t believe I’ve done that!’ His hands were up in the air with his face contoured in annoyance, he repeatedly rummaged through his bag. ‘What’s all this? What have you done?’, I asked him. It turned out that a hard-drive in which he transferred all the projects he had to review by Monday, was missing from the bag and he thought it was still in the office, on his desk. ‘I clearly remember disconnecting it. I thought I put it in my bag’, he lamented. In the end, we opted for a quick drive to the office so we could put his troubled mind to rest.

On Rosebery Avenue, a queue was forming along The Old Finsbury Town Hall.
Is there a Halloween party?


Shortly afterward we arrived at the office and Hubbie went inside while I waited in the car.
After 10 minutes or so, he came back with a very red face and muttered sheepishly, ‘I think it must be at home because I don’t see it in anywhere…’ WHAAAAAT? So we came all the way for nothing? As you can imagine I was not at all a happy bunny.
‘Since we are here with a car. Shall we drop in a supermarket to top up our supply?’ So we swung by Tesco on St John Street. We stuffed our basket with bread, fruits, eggs, bacon, butter, (also a copy of Grazia!)…etc, as we walked down the aisles. Shall we use a self-check out instead of queuing for a normal check-out? It turned out to be one of the worst automated check-out experience of our lifetime. First of all, the machine didn’t even allow us to start. We alerted a staff and she came for our rescue. She typed in some password and the machine was ready for scanning. Then, it started to act erratically again. This time, the scanner stopped working. The scanner went absolutely silent every now and them, interrupting us from stuffing our bags. We were getting increasingly annoyed and regretted for not opting for a normal check-out. Another annoying thing about this machine was a time-delay which had between items being scanned and moved to the bagging area. It kept on alerting us with an error message – ‘please remove any unscanned item from the bagging area’, we did scan it!! You dim-wit!! It was soooo infuriating. As the result, our little escapade at supermarket ended up being nothing other than a hair-tearing cursing session and left us utterly exhausted.
Once we were back in our car and Hubbie tried to start the car, the engine refused to ignite because a steering was locked. How many time did I tell you to straighten the steering when you are parking? It was just too much for Hubbie. He thought all the machines in the world were against him! Eventually, the steering was freed and we were on our way home. And at home, I did find the “missing” hard-drive in his bag. How could you miss it? The device was coloured in bright orange. I really think he needs a holiday or to take up less works…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

9 thoughts on “Measure Twice & Cut Once…

  1. o what a ghastly chain of events. I hope you had a bottle of something nice to take the edge off all that stress.
    those self service supermarket check outs are a total affront. At the very least, customers using them should be given an automatic discount on their shopping…after all, they are doing the job of a (-n unpaid) cashier

    • I know! I’ve never had any positive experience from any self-check out. 9/10 times, I will have to call for help and wait for it longer than waiting in the queue for normal tills. Yes, they SHOULD give us a discount for the experience since some supermarkets give a discount for not using their plastic bags X

  2. wow what an awful night! it all seems to happen at once hey. i’ve had the exact same self-serve checkout experience so many times. they really seem to hate me! and i always forget when i’ve gotten cash out in those things, walk off leaving my money, and have to run back like a crazy person when i realise.

    absolutely love your blog by the way. the photos are incredible (what camera do you use?) and london is my dream destination.

    • So it is official that everyone hates a self-check out. Why are we seeing this annoying machine everywhere. It is much nicer to be served by real people. I don’t like to be bossed around by the machine. Do you think they will get the message if all of us refuse to use it?(=_=)
      Thank you very much for liking my blog! It means a lot for me. The camera I use for this blog exclusively is…..iPhone! I shall snap more hidden faces of London. So watch this space (^_<) x

  3. ” ’please remove any unscanned item from the bagging area’”

    This has got to be the most annoying part of the whole self check-out experience. Especially, when the people around you aren’t having any problems checking out and they look at you like you are trying to steal items from the supermaket. Please. If ever I intended to become a thief, the supermarket would be the last place I’d start!

    • I know! It was sooooo infuriating!!! Also, it looked like we grabbed one of the worst terminals in the check-out area. I know it happens to anyone but can’t ask myself ‘Why this is happening to us?’ We definitely should have received apology and discount from the supermarket since we had such an unpleasant shopping experience with them! (=_=)

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