Feeling Rebellious?

Yesterday was my holing up day – no make-up, hair in an Alice band, comfy jersey dressing mode, etc.
I was gonna crack on with knitting, therefore, in home-confinement mode. I was hoping that nobody would arrive at my doorstep because I was not ready to face my public, in short, I was not very presentable!
Anyway, I knitted all day, being helped by YouTube entertainment and made a good progress…


When I am at home, Mr.B is in chilled-out mode too. He travels between Cape Binnie (a black faux sheepskin rug from IKEA), Strawberry HQ (his sagging hideaway) and his Cath Kidson dog bed under the table.
Last night, Hubbie was trying to get Mr.B out of Strawberry HQ for a “Spend a penny” dash to outside. However, Mr.B had other idea and did not want to cooperate…


At first, he ignored Hubbie’s call completely.
Then, he looked annoyed because the call became louder and louder…


‘Alright, I hear you!!’


He shot out of Strawberry HQ like a bullet, decided to take the plunge and get on with the job.
Hey, what is this all about? Don’t be such a sour grape, sweetie.


He looks very sheepish, doesn’t he?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

London General Store @ Old Street

OMG, I didn’t know a single tube ticket to zone 1 would cost £4.50?!
I realised that I forgot my Oyster at the station therefore proceeded to buy a single return. When a touch screen displayed that it would cost me as much as a bottle of Jessica nail varnish, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Oh well next time, I shall double-check whereabouts of my Oyster before I leave home…
After running mega-quick errands in West End, I came back to Old Street tube station in order to rendezvous with Kate. The station was awash with early evening commuters and there was still 10 minutes or so left before our rendezvous, so I looked around to if anywhere less crowded I could wait.
Them, I noticed a pretty shop sign across a hectic passage..,


It was a pop-up shop by TCOLondon!
TCOLondon is a Shoreditch based publisher who specialise in film making, graphic design and journalism.
As I walked in, I was greeted by a friendly staff who showed me an each issue in detail…


This magazine, Little White Lies, is one of their most celebrated publication…


Each issue pans on a specific film, a director, a screen writer, an actor, etc, and creates a whole magazine around its subject.

Their sister magazine, huck, is edited with a broader focus…


Again, they feature a particular subject but their interest is not limited to film-making but expand to wider issues. The issues such as photography, journalism focusing on world/local affair, music, art, design, urban sports, music, etc, are excavated as well as broadened in order to offer its readers better understanding.
I flicked through a few copies and found them beautifully put together and thought-provoking.

The walls of the shop were adorned with the arts from the magazines on sale which I thought any of them would be a perfectly original Christmas gift…


I wished if I could hang around longer but the time was ticking so bought only one magazine and left the shop…


At the cafe, she treated me to latte and a slice of delicious pecan pie…


Thank you, Kate. The next one is on me!

The magazine I brought home features Sofia Coppola, my favourite director…


I’m gonna save it until my trip to Japan and read it during a 13 hours flight.
The pop-up shop by TCOLondon is up until 4th December. If you are nearby, drop in and pick up their amazing magazines and arts for you and your loved ones…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Candy By Damien Hirst

My internet is still out of action.
I have been trying to resuscitate the modem by repeatedly unplugging and rebooting. At one stage, flashing blue lights came on which made me hover with my fingers crossed. Yet, still no internet connection and hopes were dashed.
I’ve never realised how much I depend upon the internet until I am deprived of it. Apart from a cellular connection through my iPhone, I have no way of updating my blog or checking FB status. Still, it’s far better than nothing. Plus, I am pleased to discover that a WordPress app for iPhone is not at all bad. Besides, the present inconvenience is a perfect dress rehearsal for me blogging from Japan during a 3 weeks stay after Christmas. Once our broadband is reinstated, I would love to check how the posts I have uploaded through the iPhone app look like, especially picture and font size.

Last Tuesday, I was happened to be around Hanover Square. After my hair salon appointment, I was heading towards Liberty and noticed an airy gallery with colourful exhibit…


Being intrigued, I decided to investigate what it was all about.
The show, titled “Candy”, exhibited paintings by Damien Hirst and installations by Felix Gonzalez-Torres


The Visual Candy paintings by Damien Hirst…





While ostensibly abstract, the paintings were depiction of medicinal pills. The series was created as Hirst’s witty riposte to an art critic who dismissed his Spot Paintings as ‘just visual candy’.

The brush strokes were energetic and the colours employed were vibrant. A dynamic style of the paintings was refreshingly different from his earlier works. which were elaborate and somehow clinical.

The installations by Felix Gonzalez-Torres were made of real candies…


The viewer was invited to eat the candies but no one wasn’t doing so…


If a ‘Help yourself’ sign was put up next to each work, the audience might have interacted with the work more.

The exhibition will be on until this Saturday. Go and have a candy or two if you are in the area!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Nigella = Higella?

What what what WHAAAATTT????
The domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson, was a druggie?! I’m flabbergasted. Some people say ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’. But being described as a regular hard-drug user must be the worst label to be pinned on any one’s back. If the condemned is a public figure, a popular TV chef who endorses a wholesome lifestyle through cooking, the accusation must be devastating.
I wasn’t very surprised when Kate Moss was photographed snorting cocaine during her stint with Pete Doherty. She was never portrayed as virtuous or homely. Her image was nothing but hell-raiser and rock in’ roll. Therefore, in a way, she lived up to everyone’s expectation.
But Nigella Lawson? Oh dear. I went initially speechless when I heard the news. Having said that, I did witness something similar when I was invited to a birthday party in Queens Park some years ago. This woman, who was hosting the party for her 40 years old partner, casually suggested if I wanted to come up to their upstairs bedroom. So I followed her and was a bit surprised to find there were a few female guests in there already. ‘Shall we?’ Then, one of them laid out lines of white powder on her glass- stopped dressing table!! They were all mothers and high-powered business women with equally successful partners & husbands! The way they behaved suggested that this was not one-off but happening regularly. And I was astonished. ‘Do you want to try?’ The hostess turned around and asked me with blurry eyes. I just panicked and mumbled ‘No thanks’ and left the room hastily. In downstairs, I found Hubbie amongst the crowd and told him what I had just witnessed. And he was as gobsmacked as I was. While her partner, who she had a beautiful daughter with, was oblivious and chatting to his party guests, their partners were hiding and snorting cocaine. The picture was bizarre and disturbing.
As I watched the news of Nigella, the incident came to my mind. Even though I was surprised by her alleged drug taking, narcotic abuse in domestic environment may be far more prevalent than we wish to acknowledge.
It is hugely regrettable that she has tarnished her reputation in this manner.
I do like her crockery programmes which make cooking not just a domestic chore but a sensual and fun experience. Her vivacious public persona has captivated millions, including me. Has it been nothing but a veneer which covers up her dark side? If so, I am very much disappointed.
Oh well, the only thing left for her in near future may be penning a memoir about the life with Charles Saatchi? I am certain that it will be another blockbuster…

I am no domestic goddess but good at piling a copious amount berries on my blueberry pancakes…


Nigella, just eat waffle or pancake with berries & maple syrup. Because it will make any horrible day slightly easier to weather…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

No Wifi No Blog?

My modem at home has just died!
That means I have no Wifi until a Virgin Media engineer arrived on Thursday afternoon, ahhhh!

Mr.B couldn’t care about the crisis. He hijacked my hoodie as usual…


Hand it over to me, sir. I am cold…


He couldn’t care less…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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