Egg Benedict @ The Shepherdess

It had been more than a good three weeks since we had breakfast at the Shepherdess.
I wasn’t feeling very well and the weather had been foul and…etc, our excuses went on.
After a rapid exchange of social niceties, we settled into one of their Formica topped tables.
Hubbie cradled a mug of tea in both hands and sighed, ‘Oh, I am so tired’. He was to fly out to Beijing this afternoon and far from happy about it. First of all, he hated a long-haul flight and secondly, the trip would be packed with high-octane business meetings with difficult clients. ‘Did you sleep well last night?’
‘Very badly’ was his answer. Oh dear. I reached out and patted his hand, trying to show him my support.
While we were away, one of their staff dyed her hair to bright orange! She had a cute pixie crop and the fierce hair colour suited her very well. Very Hoxton.


Hubbie ordered “the usual”…


Two fried eggs on two brown toasts with grilled tomatoes. Extra chips were thrown in, courtesy of the kitchen.
As usual, a presentation was not their strongest point…

I decided to have their Egg Benedict for a change…


Their hollandaise sauce was a tad too overpowering and bacon was very salty. Their cutlery was too blunt to tackle the unyielding bagel hidden underneath the egg and bacon.
Oh well, we are not here for their food, are we? We are here for their camaraderie, aren’t we? We reasoned.

However, I will ask them to make one with no bacon and less sauce next time…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

5 thoughts on “Egg Benedict @ The Shepherdess

    • We both know that the Shepherdess is not for gourmet. They are local and the staff are all cheerful & friendly. We only go there because any independent local business needs a support from us. I wish if I could tell them if they could improve their cooking. But I haven’t got a heart to do so (^-^;)

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