DiGuardo @ The Dispensary

Guy Fawkes weekend is one particular weekend we dislike the most in the year.
Especially this weekend, Hubbie was away in China, therefore, I had to comfort our firework-phobe, Mr.B, singlehandedly. Once the bangs commenced, his tail went between his legs and his breathing became shallow and rapid. In the end, poor Mr.B was trembling like a leaf on my lap until all the shrieks and bangs in our neighbourhood died down around 21:00. I know lots of people, especially children, enjoy fireworks. But please take a moment to reflect that behind the fun, there are lots of cats & dogs suffering silently, being petrified and fearing for their live. I would be much happier if there were only one night during the weekend, Saturday or Sunday, to be designated for fireworks. How did your beloved furry friends persevere the fireworks?

2nd November was a momentous day for my darling friend, Letizia, because she renewed her boutique, DiGuardo, at The Dispensary…


She invited me to join her at her new premises on 200 Kensington Park Road…


Together with Sophie, the owner of The Dispensary, she created a cozy and chic fashion emporium. The signature of DiGuardo…


Her selection was original, feminine and discerned. In short, Letizia knew what women would want…


Sophie’s selection was equally original and elegant. A mixture of rare-finds and genuine vintages laden the shelves and rails…


When I walked through their threshold, the boutique was already buzzing with customers, eagerly trying out their offerings…


Probably, he was the only one who was not so keen on the experience.
His beloved mummy was in & out of the changing room and not paying the slightest attention to him. His expression spoke very loudly…


Anyway, the new undertaking Letizia embarked on was already looking very promising. I was more than positive that her venture would surge forward in full sail…


Around 18:30, we open a bottle of  Prosecco for a well-earned toast.
Let’s hope we all will be even busier towards Christmas…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “DiGuardo @ The Dispensary

    • We must go together sometimes. I will introduce you to Letizia!
      Ohhh, poor Molly!! I really hate an excessive amount of fireworks. Once we were at Paul’s parents’ home up in Yorkshire, the next door decided to go over the top with their fireworks, we really thought we were in Bagdad or somewhere. It was that crazy, really! How any grown up man can be that wasteful and inconsiderate was beyond my comprehension (=_=) xxxxx

  1. Poor Mr. B, the sound of the fireworks probably hurts his ears. It’s so strange how my mother’s dog is not scared of fireworks at all. In fact, they seem to excite him, he runs around in circles in the backyard as merry as can be.

    • Only to fireworks he reacts in a pitiful manner. Oh, he also dislikes a certain roadwork noise too. By one of those resonating loud noise he hate the most. Your mom is lucky to have a dog which is not bothered by fireworks. Because I feel helpless every time I see Binnie trembling with fear 😦 X

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